Put Your Research Skills In Good Use By Choosing the Right Career

Put Your Research Skills In Good Use By Choosing the Right Career product research

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If you have been involved in research in the past, but are looking for a new challenge, you will be glad to know that here are several new jobs created every day where you can put your skills to good use. There are some skills that are easy to transfer from one industry to another, and give you a competitive edge. From languages to computer science and teaching, communication, you can make use of whatever you have learned in your previous career to transform your life and get more out of your career. Find out more below.


In criminology, you will need to research different intelligence, and gather information in a logical order to draw the consequences. If you look through the curriculum of texas criminal justice programs online you will see that research skills are needed for all career options. You will need to learn how to gather information and present it in a way that you find the right answers to the questions the police or investigation agency has. Let it be arson investigation, or uncovering the trails of an international money laundering operation, you will make good use of your research skills.

Product Development

When working on new ideas, you will need more than creativity. There are procedures to follow, and you will need to take into consideration current regulations and guidelines. If you are involved in the development of any new product, you will need to research new technologies, and analyze the best options based on data. Your work is likely to involve reviewing patents and new ideas, proposals, as well as inventions you can use to manufacture the new product cheaper than the competition. You will be required to create costing reports, and research the offers of different suppliers and contractors.

Business Intelligence

If you are searching for a career in this field, you can improve your job prospects by highlighting your research skills. Business intelligence these days is mainly collected by computers, but still analyzed manually by experts. You will be the one who will determine the questions to answer, and report back to the management with your findings. Business intelligence can cover different areas of companies: financial predictions, staffing, or competitive analysis. Choosing a career in business intelligence is a good choice for people who are good with numbers and have experience in translating numbers into graphs and detailed reports that help executives make the right strategic decisions.  


Put Your Research Skills In Good Use By Choosing the Right Career marketing

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You might think that marketing is all about writing eye-catching ads, but it is much more. You will need to use science in determining your target audience, calculating the return on investment, and the cost of advertising in different media. As the majority of advertising has now moved online, you will need to be able to understand different performance reports; from Google Analytics to more advanced agency software. Your job as a marketing planner or executive will be measured based on the results, therefore, you will need to focus on them. Being able to compare two different campaigns’ performance and creating a report for your manager is essential to being successful in the field. Marketing, especially digital agencies now use analysis software to monitor campaign performance.

Financial Planning

If you want to become a financial planner, you will need statistical and research skills, to present your clients with different options and highlight the risks and benefits of investments. If you can model the past and predicted performance of different investment options and get the message through in a straightforward format, you will make it in the world of financial planning. From Forex trading to property portfolio management; you can put your research skills to great use if you choose a career in financial planning.

Market Analysis

Market analysis- just like marketing is all down to statistics and predictions these days. You will need to find, collect, analyze, and use information to create reports. As an example, if you are researching the kids’ accessories market, you will need to access industry reports, validate your findings by interviewing your target customer, and look at the performance of other similar industries. You will also have to take into consideration demographic and financial predictions, the impact of social policies, and then provide an overview report to your employer.

Software Design and Testing

You might think that designing and testing software is a plainly creative process. It, however, involves a lot of analytical and research skills. When you are creating a demo, you will have to report all the issues, measure the load speed, and test the performance of the software. Whether you are a developer who creates games, or a programmer who specializes in unique corporate platforms, you need to find out what your customers are looking for, and research initial feedback to improve your current software. Testing also involves a lot of information gathering and analysis.

User Experience Improvement

When you are in charge of user experience as a web developer, or a software designer, you will need to record feedback and user statistics, to tailor the program to the needs of customers. Whether you are working on the website of a large online retailer, aiming to improve the personalized recommendations delivered for each visitor, or simply want to eliminate security risks, you will find that your analytical and research skills will come handy. Conducting customer surveys, analyzing results, and creating recommendations are needed for every aspect of the work.

Research skills are easy to transfer from one profession to another. You can use them to connect better with the target market, or help the management create a more viable financial plan. Your research capabilities will be a huge asset for many companies, no matter which field you worked before. Get creative and find a new career where you can stand out with your advanced research skills, and appear more valuable to the company than your colleagues. Being able to create and present detailed reports will help you land in a more rewarding career.


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