The Checks That All Homeowners Need To Be Making

The Checks That All Homeowners Need To Be Making

The words ‘home maintenance’ don’t bring with them feelings of excitement or joy. But really, if you are a homeowner and want to be extending the life of your home, then it is something that you should be thinking about. On a monthly basis would be great, but at least quarterly, kind of in time with the seasonal changes throughout the year. If you can maintain things as you go along, it can stop a problem becoming too much of an issue, which will save you both time and money. But what are the best things to be checking? Here are some ideas.

The Checks That All Homeowners Need To Be Making


Home’s Exterior

Throughout the year, the exterior of our home can take some beating. From rain, frost, to hot sun, and winds, there are several things that can take their toll. And if you’re not checking thing regularly, then cracks in the exterior can appear and lead to further damage. This includes the walls, basement, and even the roof of the home, and the windows. If you have any small repairs and you know how to fix them, then make sure you do it as soon as possible. If not, a site like Mr. Roof could give you an idea about how much the repairs could be for windows or roofs. It is important not to delay it too much, though.

Clear Gutters

Part of the exterior of the home will also include the gutters on the outside of the house. But they need a special mention, just because of the damage that they can cause if not checked properly. If all is well, water will flow down your gutters and away through your drainage system. But if you aren’t checking your gutters and they get clogged, then it can lead to cracks, damage, and even flooding and leaks into your home. When it has been fall and winter, the gutters could be full of leaves and frost. So now is a good time to check the gutters to ensure they’re running as they should be.

Get Your Home Cooling System Ready

If you have an air conditioning unit or a home cooling system, then right about now is a good time to check it. Over winter it is unlikely to have had much use. But you don’t want to wait for a warm spring day to then find out that it isn’t working. It may need a service, but you won’t know unless you give it a go and get it running for a small amount of time.

Crawl Spaces and Vents

Being in the throes of winter, temperatures can drop quite dramatically. So it is a good idea to check your pipes by check any crawl spaces and vents that are in the home. If cracks and damage does occur, then it can lead to flooding and leaking, as well as a heating system, that won’t work. So this should be checked pretty regularly, especially in the cooler temperatures that you may be experiencing this winter.


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