Tips On Home Improvement That Increase Property Value

Tips On Home Improvement That Increase Property Value

Finding “Fix-It” Pressure Points

One of the best results of home improvement is increased property value. A little elbow grease and consideration can go a long way. You can turn ten dollars into a hundred if you know what to buy and how to apply it. Certainly that’s one of those “easier said than done” things, but consider a simple change.

Let’s say adding solar panels to your home. In California, a 3.1 kWh solar panel system will add $20k in property value. In many other parts of the country, the same system will bring $15k in value. Some will likely increase property value less, others more—it depends where you are; you’ll have to do some local research.

Still, the advantage here is that such a solar energy system only costs about $5k to purchase, ship, and install—provided you do your own installation. You’ll be spending $3,100 on the panels themselves, and around $1,900 on tax, shipping, surge controllers, power inverters, cables, and energy sinks.

Even if you only get $10k increased property value for the installation, you doubled your money; and that’s not to factor in tax breaks which come from sustainable energy solutions, or the utility bill savings you get. If you’re paying $100 a month on electrical utilities, that’s $1,200 a year. In five years, even with no property value increase, the addition of a $5k solar energy system has put about $1k in your pocket—provided it works for all your needs as you had expected.

Interior Refurbishment

Tips On Home Improvement That Increase Property Value

Next, look at refurbishing the inside. Can you knock out a wall and turn unused space in your basement into a full bar? Can you redo the bathroom? Do you have carpet in desperate need of replacement? How about that attic; if you cleaned it up and put some furniture (provided it’s structurally sound), could you have a new room?

There are a lot of little things like this that you can do to increase your home’s property value and make your living space that much pleasurable. Landscaping also comes to mind. If you can’t keep the lawn mown, pull it out, install some bushes, wood chips, and a footpath (in CA you may even get a bonus of some kind due to water issues).

Speaking of water, you need to have some repair solutions in place for when—not if, but when—water damage occurs. Whether it’s a leak under the sink that ended up rotting the floorboards, a broken pipe that floods the basement, or a poorly made repair, at some point you’re going to have plumbing issues that cause water damage.

Repair Solutions

Sometimes life hands you a lemon, and you find yourself asking: “Where is there a plumber near me?” Look for solutions like those that come from professionals who offer general plumbing repairs and replacements, video inspection, frozen or leaking pipes, clogged drains, drain cleaning, sewer backups and repair.

Tips On Home Improvement That Increase Property Value

You’re looking for a similarly comprehensive operational ethic when it comes to water damage restoration. One water damage restoration expert,, can really help—according to the site: “Restoration Elite will make the process of servicing your damages easy as possible. Our team is committed to amazing customer service as well as amazing results.”

Look at your current property. Is there room for improvement? If you think there isn’t room, then you’re not looking hard enough. The truth is, there’s always room for improvement. So keep your eyes open, and look for where you can do something.


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