Can You See the Light? – 5 Ways to Use Lighting to Improve Your Office Environment

Can You See the Light? - 5 Ways to Use Lighting to Improve Your Office Environment

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Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from candle-lit corridors and the stresses of ensuring we’ve got enough kerosene to keep the dark at bay. However, while technology has paved the way for a far more seamless approach to lighting, many of us are still in the dark when it comes to knowing how lighting can be both positive and negative in a work environment. As such, we’ve included five helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your lighting at work.

Make high-concentration areas well-lit

If your employees are engaged in activities that require a high level of concentration, it’s crucial that you consult with a qualified commercial electrician or lighting specialist to ensure that the area in which they’re working is well lit. Such is the case with any creative work or even assembly or manufacturing zones. Lighting is so important that when done right, it can result in a ten percent increase in productivity and thirty percent reduction in errors. Make sure you include a healthy mix of natural and artificial light for the best effect.

Keep lighting clean

There can be nothing more frustrating than flickering lights or unusual black spots due to insects calling light shades home. You wouldn’t allow it in your own house, so it certainly shouldn’t be allowed in a workplace either. Flickering lights and insect-infested light shades can cause your workers to become frustrated and distracted. In fact, flickering lights can even cause them to suffer from headaches which you could avoid with a change of bulb or a visit from an electrician.

Keep your products well-lit

If you work in or own a retail store or factory, your choice of lighting becomes particularly crucial. A dark, poorly lit store is less inviting than uses lighting to positive effect. This seemingly trivial detail can even change your customers’ perception of product coloring and store décor. Most retail stores, warehouses, and commercial buildings use a mixture of high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide lighting which provides a natural, white glow that can illuminate the darkest of corners.

Use natural light as much as possible

It’s a proven fact that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their office. While your office isn’t going to cater to all staff, there is a way to ensure the work environment is as comfortable as possible. You can achieve this aim by using as much natural light as is feasible. Wherever possible, position employees’ desks by windows, or make sure you’re not covering large windows with curtains, bookcases or furniture.

Highlight your products

In retail, it can be difficult to highlight key products you either wish to move quickly or show off to customers. While you can always rely on big red “SALE” signs to bring you over the finish line, there’s nothing quite like targeted lighting to ensure your customers see your products in the best light possible. Illuminate your shop window with attractive, professional lighting. Install spotlighting underneath and around shop displays to emphasize particular items and ensure they stand out. You will be able to draw customer attention far easier with a well-lit display, than with a small shelving unit in a dark corner.

Whether you’re in retail, a warehouse or an office, you will benefit from using the correct lighting for your space. Be sure to get in touch with your local commercial electrician who can shed some light on the correct techniques for optimizing your current lighting usage.


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