5 Easy Ways to Make Delicious Coffee in the Morning

5 Easy Ways to Make Delicious Coffee in the Morning

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages adored by people all over the universe. Unfortunately, most people do not get the chance to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee apart from the expensive treats they get from high-end restaurants and coffee shops. Apparently, most of us have all it takes to make high-class coffee right within our kitchens, yet we are not aware of it. With this comprehensive guide on the easiest, yet most effective ways to make delicious coffee in the morning, you may have to break up with your favorite coffee shop or restaurant and start enjoying your dawn coffee right at the comfort of your home. To brew your perfect cup or pot of coffee, you will have to follow these rules.

1. Make Your Own Coffee Grounds.

The taste of your cup of coffee depends majorly on the freshness of your coffee grounds. Since coffee starts losing its quality a while after its beans have been ground, purchasing already crushed coffee may not be a perfect idea if you want the most delicious coffee. You will have to buy coffee beans with a roast date that is within the last 2 weeks for guaranteed freshness. To keep them fresh for a longer time, store them in airtight glass or ceramic containers at room temperature. Whenever you want to brew your coffee, you can grind the coffee beans using a burr mill or an electric grinder for evenness, to your desired consistency depending on the strength and type of coffee you want to brew. Coarser grounds will produce weaker coffee while the finest grounds will produce the strongest coffee. There are many different ways of making coffee but Kimbo the coffee experts can teach you the true way of making coffee, by training to be a barista. Check https://myperfectgrind.com/ to find the best coffee grinders.

2. Master Your Favorite Recipes.

With the many decades of testing innumerable coffee recipes by coffee brewing experts, only one’s creativity can limit them from getting their most desired quality of the coffee. Whether you love instant coffee, iced coffee, blended coffee, latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Macchiato or any other coffee combination, it is usually best to find your best recipe and master it There are different procedures of brewing your coffee right from Aeropress, French press, siphon, pour over and Moka pot techniques among others. You should consider the one that works best for you and stick to it. Knowing your recipes will also make it easier to measure your ingredients accurately and know what consistency of coffee grounds to use, as well as the right temperature for infusing your coffee. Remember, the correct way to measure coffee beans and coffee grounds is by weight, and not by volume, so go get yourself digital weighing scales if you want real coffee.

3. Invest in a High-Quality Espresso Machine.

You may have alternative ways of brewing your coffee, but nothing beats a good espresso machine. Not only can you adjust its settings for preparation of any kind of coffee recipe, but it also lets you enjoy faster, easier and mess-free coffee brewing. There are countless espresso machine models in the market, and it may get challenging to choose the best. Nonetheless, the most important features you need to consider when it comes to how to choose espresso machines to include ease of operation, automatic functionality, size and design, ease of maintenance, durability, cost, additional features and the type of coffee you plan to be making frequently. Depending on your budget and preferences, you have the option to choose a manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic or the super automatic espresso machine. As much as it is general knowledge that at a higher budget, you get more and better features, having a lower budget doesn’t warranty a low-quality espresso machine. In fact, with a little patience and research, you may land the best-discounted deals for the high-end models. It is also advisable to consider purchasing one from the upcoming brands as they have similar features to the famous brands, yet they are a lot cheaper. If you are looking for an easy to use coffee maker, then checking out some single serve coffee makers might do you some good as well!

4. Use the Right Temperature.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the optimal temperature for brewing the best coffee is between 195F to 205F, lasting for about 45 seconds. While most new coffee maker models do achieve this, some older models may not, which requires you to preheat the water. The best coffee maker though is one that automatically adjusts the heat depending on the brewing needs. It should be noted that water that’s too hot might burn the coffee grounds and extract bitter compounds from them, thus repressing the pleasant taste of your coffee. On the other hand, water that is cooler than recommended may not extract enough essence from the coffee grounds, thus producing weaker coffee. You should always keep it in mind that you only get one chance at making great coffee and reheating or prolonged boiling will completely destroy it.

5. Use Purified Water.

Water accounts for the highest percentage of coffee content, and for this reason, the quality used is a key factor. Obviously, using hard water in brewing your coffee will give it an unpleasant taste that can be attributed to the high percentage of minerals in it. In addition to this, the deposits of minerals such as lime may lead to under-extraction of the coffee essence and a build-up of grime in your coffee maker. Conversely, heavily distilled water may be lacking in the essential mineral content thus leading to over-extraction of the coffee as well as leaching of the necessary minerals from your equipment. It is usually best to use water that is purified at home using activated charcoal or carbon filters. Another great option is bottled spring water as it has the perfect balance of minerals and nutrients.

Even though the delicacy of coffee is unmatched to that of any other brew, it tends to lose its potency in a short moment if not well brewed, stored or drank in time. For this reason, it becomes very important to consider even the tiniest of details when purchasing, storing, brewing and even taking our coffee. In addition to the above tips, it is of utmost importance to keep any equipment you use, including grinders, storage containers, cups and your coffee maker very clean. Coffee is known to absorb foreign smells and tastes quite easily, which is exactly why maximum cleanliness should be observed. With the tips appraised here, you can make the perfect pot of coffee at home, while saving a little more than you did previously.


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