Gifting Flowers to Your Lady Love – Know the Variety

Gifting Flowers to Your Lady Love - Know the Variety

You love her intently, right? Want to do something special for her? Why don’t you gift flowers? Girls love flowers, as they define their beauty, elegance, sophistication and grace. A girl can be lovable like, rose, delicate like a tulip, bright like lilies and poised like the carnations. While you are in a relationship with someone, presenting flowers on her birthdays or any other occasion can open your heart to her, as flowers and their colors have many things to say. If you can’t utter the word ‘sorry’ after some heated arguments with your girlfriend, a yellow or white rose can do the job on behalf of you. Red rose shows your love for her, but there are several other types of flowers that can woo your lady love.

  1. Chrysanthemums

Is your beloved your childhood friend? Then, you can prepare a bouquet which has this flower. They stand for joy, love and obviously, for friendship. To stay each other’s best friend and take your relationship one step ahead, you can give these bright colored flowers to her.

  1. Carnations

While giving a flower gifting guide, experts suggest to include carnations on your list. They represent love and fascination. Carnation is the flower that creates the soft and delicate nature of love. While you are in a relationship, you care for your girl the most. Carnation will carry that caring heart to your beloved.

  1. Gladioluses

Love doesn’t only make you soft and delicate, it also teaches you to stay strong, no matter how difficult the situation becomes. The long and straight gladioluses stand for honor and strength in love. But, there is a twist too. Gladiolus stands for infatuation. So, if you get it from a guy, check out for other signs to realize his true love.

  1. Orchids

Sophistication, aristocracy and elegance – orchids stand for all these. If you get orchid from your boyfriend on your birthday, be sure that he respects your uniqueness. Also orchid stands for rare beauty. If you want to make a long-lasting impression on your crush, gift her orchid.

  1. Hydrangea

These big blossoms are perfect representations of the celebration of love. Whenever you see your beloved, you feel butterflies in your stomach and colorful crackers in your mind. Yes, these fragrant flowers are the representation of that feeling. Whether it is blue, purple or pink, they tell your heart out to your girlfriend.

  1. Sunflowers

Don’t get confused; you definitely can gift your lady sunflowers, as it stands for the longevity of your relationship. Also, the bright yellow color is amazing to clean the cloud of her mind that was there after your quarrels. Make your anniversary memorable with a bunch of sunflowers.

Author Bio – Mrs. Rhea Mathew is a florist and her experience of dealing with flowers according to an occasion has made her an expert to provide flower gifting guide. Now, through her blog, she is sharing her valuable ideas with all readers.


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