Family Fun Night at Home Ideas

Family Fun Night at Home Ideas

Stuck inside with the family for the night and looking for something fun to do? Maybe the weather is rainy or cold outside or you are just plain bored and need some ideas that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Luckily, you can still sit down together and have some good old-fashioned fun by hauling out the board games or logging onto the computer to partake in some fun ideas together as a family. If you are looking for some exciting things to do, give these ideas a try and add your own in the comments section below!

  1. Hide and Go Seek

It’s an old one, but still a good one. Try teaming up parents vs kids to see who can get more creative in finding awesome places to hide: just don’t lose anyone who has a brilliant hiding place…they may never come out!

2. Board Games

Get out the old games and have some after-dinner family fun! Try out the classic such as: Clue, Boggle, Scrabble, Monopoly, LIfe, or Trouble! Any of these games could be dusted off and given a second life that your kids will thank you for (introducing them) to the games years down the road!

3. Video Games

Not all video games have to be 1-player epic adventures. Try some group games such as: team sports, WII games, XBox Move games, or multi-player games in general. You will be amazed at how much fun you can have as a family staring at a screen and yelling at it (and not each other, hopefully)!

4. Bingo

This one may seem old and outdated; in fact, you may even think of a nursing home when you think of the term, “Bingo”. However, it can still be a riot to sit down with the card and play the old-fashioned game with someone calling out the numbers or topics to fill each square of the card. When the winner gets four or five cells in a row, whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they yell out the triumphant word, “BINGO!” and they win the game (after verification, of course). In addition, you can check out this Treasure Bingo review and log on to get the whole family to join in with the fun!

Those are just a few of my ideas for family fun night when staying inside together and looking for a great time without going out and spending a whole bunch of money. Hopefully, these ideas can help your family have a great time and stay close together as a family for the years to come!

Have some ideas for a family game night or a family fun night in general? Share them below in the comments and let the readers know what you do for fun with your family! 🙂


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