Flooring for Different Homes

Flooring for Different Homes

Flooring comes in a number of different shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Finding the best option for you and your home is a difficult decision! Our handy guide will take you through some of the options available, and help you find the perfect match for your home.


The first we’re going to look at is Hardwood flooring. This is one of the more broad range options on the market with Solid and Engineered being the two most popular types of hardwood. Solid flooring is simply a solid plank of wood that has been sanded down to make it suitable to be used in homes. Engineered however is a little different. It’s made up of layers and layers of ply, and a core board base, topped with a layer of solid.

They both have their benefits, and they are incredibly similar, with their makeup the only real difference in the two. Solid is arguably more durable due to the nature of its build. Engineered on the other hand has the added benefit of being suitable for underfloor heating, and has a far higher water resistance. Engineered is best suited in rooms with high moisture, such as kitchens. Solid however is better suited for rooms with heavy footfall, it can easily be resanded and refinished until the wood is literally too thin to be sanded anymore.


Flooring hardwood kitchen

One of the more traditional and vintage floorings that is making a serious play in the current market is parquet. The distinctive zig-zag patterns and geometric shapes make this flooring stand out from the crowd, and is the key reason it’s shooting back onto the market.

Parquet’s durability is one of its strongest feature. It will last you a very long time, and is difficult to cause permanent damage. We would recommend it’s best fitted in kitchens and dining rooms. It’s important to have an exact design in mind before fitting, if you don’t it can look a little cluttered and chaotic. Patience is needed during the installment process, so if you’re running on a tight schedule it may be an idea to look at other options.


Flooring kitchen

Laminate is the most cost effective flooring on the market, but that doesn’t take away from just how good it is. It’s easily one of the best floorings on the market, it has its setbacks, but it is incredibly versatile and reliable.

It’s constructed of a number of layers, the core layer made up of a high density fibreboard (HDF). HDF is a strong material, and lasts a long time. This makes laminate perfect for areas of heavy footfall, and helps it to easily cope with the stresses of life. It also has a very simple installation process using the click-loc process, this is the easiest DIY option out there.

We hope our guide has helped you to make your decision, each flooring type has different benefits for different homes, it is all down to personal choice!


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