The Supplements Don’t Work: Why?

The Supplements Don’t Work: Why?
The Supplements Don’t Work: Why?

The Supplements Don't Work: Why?


Wander through the aisles of any grocery store, and you will see them: supplement after supplement after supplement. There are so many, like Thrive nutritional level program. You can stare at them and wonder how on earth humans have so many things wrong with them that they require such assistance.

Most of us have tried a supplement or two in our time. If you look through the online reviews of any supplement — literally any at all — you will see feedback on the efficacy of the supplement taken. There will almost always be a section of people insisting that they took the supplement and nothing happened; the supplement is useless; the supplement is a waste of money.

Maybe you’ve experienced that feeling: buying a supplement, trying it, and seeing no discernible difference. That’s tough to understand, especially if you have friends and family who have tried the same supplements to great success. So are you and all those bad reviews onto something– are supplements useless? Or is there something else going on?

Below, let’s explore the most common reasons a supplement doesn’t work.

Reason #1: You’re Buying Poor Quality Supplements

All supplements are not created equal. Take, for example, calcium; a basic, cheap calcium tablet is very different from branded products like Algaecal. The same is true for literally all supplements; a cheap cod liver oil tablet is not as effective as one by Seven Seas.

If you want to see the difference in action, do your research before buying a supplement. Ideally, you want to see feedback from users who have direct experience of using the supplement in question– this can help you decide if the quality is decent, or just cheap and ineffective. Peruse through these AlgaeCal reviews for good examples of what feedback should look like; concise, personalized, experienced, and covering a lot of topics. Short, anonymous comments aren’t good enough; you want details, so you can see what life is really like when taking the supplements in question.

And if you can’t find any feedback at all — as is common on cheap packets of supplements you can buy at the grocery store — then that’s a red flag in and of itself.

Reason #2: You Have Malabsorption Issues

Malabsorption is more common than you might think. There are a number of conditions that can cause the issue, from stomach ulcers to Celiac disease; even stress can cause you to struggle to absorb all the nutrients you need from your food or supplements.

Talk to your doctor if you have been taking a supplement and have yet to see any benefit. This is especially important if you have also recently lost weight, or have symptoms of vitamin deficiencies.

Reason #3: You Haven’t Tried Them For Long Enough

Remember those reviews we mentioned, that were so angry about the lack of efficacy from a supplement? So many bad reviews are written by people who have only taken the supplement in question for a couple of days. Supplements aren’t like painkillers; you don’t take them and feel better within 30 minutes. You need to give them time to build up in your system.

As a general rule, take a supplement for at least a month before you judge its efficacy.

Supplements can be hugely useful, so don’t dismiss them out of hand. The points above should help you find the right supplements that are going to work, meaning you can feel happier and healthier as a result.


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