5 Most Exciting Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is one of the most visited and popular travel destinations in the world. It offers its travelers with endless opportunities for luxury travel experiences. If you are planning your trip to Dubai, make sure you don’t miss out experiencing the following 5 most exciting things to do in Dubai:

  1. Yacht Cruise

In a Dubai trip, you should consider going for a Yacht Charter Dubai. It allows you enjoy the tranquil waters of Dubai and experience fine dining onboard. There are so many Yacht Rental Dubai that you can go for. The yacht on hire are have all the modern amenities to offer you a highly relaxing and entertaining experience. The cooks onboard will cook various delicious cuisines and take you to various highlights on route. You can enjoy a yacht cruise with your family and friends.

Yacht Cruise

  1. Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruise is another wonderful experience you can have in Dubai. A traditional dhow cruise include offering delectable cuisines on a highly decorative environment. You enjoy various Bedouin traditions and can even party on the open deck.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

  1. Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is a thrilling ride on the deserts of Dubai. Professional drivers will drive luxury cars and take you to major attractions in Dubai desert. You can go for a morning desert safari, evening desert safari and even overnight desert safari. It is a perfect experience to have for groups to enjoy the beautiful nature of Dubai deserts and enjoy BBQ party at night.

  1. Enjoy Dubai Fountain Show

This is a free activity you must not miss in Dubai. The Dubai fountain has to be one of the most remarkable attractions in Dubai. In fact, it is the largest dancing fountain in the world. Beholding a Dubai fountain show is one of the finest ways to enjoy a memorable evening in Dubai.

  1. Old Dubai City Tour

There are limitless number of unique adventures on desert land. Going on an old Dubai city tour is a great way to understand the lifestyle of native Dubai people.This can enable you to enjoy the most authentic Dubai cuisines as well. Apart from these, there are still so much more sights to see and things to do in Dubai. You will want to make sure you get to try everything that the City of Gold has to offer. To find out more, check out The Ultimate Guide to Dubai: Where to Stay and Best Things to Do.


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