6 Home Décor Tips to Make your Home Look Awesome

6 Home Décor Tips to Make your Home Look Awesome

Transforming your home into a gorgeous and elegant place does not need to be complicated or expensive. You don’t need to rob a bank or get a degree with interior designing. What you would need though is a little bit of creativity and craftsmanship.

Follow these tips below to make your home improvement awesome.

  1. Hang art on walls

Adding frame works on your walls can instantly transform your house into a home. From artworks, to DIY art or family photos, these accessories can make a huge difference on your home. Before you climb up the ladder and mount your art, make sure that you pictured out where you should place everything.

Hanging art on your walls should relate to everything around it. Place your artwork a bit higher if you put it in a room where you will be mostly standing. In a room where you generally sit down, like family room or dining room, put the art a bit lower so that it can be enjoyed at a lower viewing angle.

  1. Make way for natural lighting

Having a natural light does not just instantly lighten up the room but it can also affect your mood positively. It makes you feel more alive, happier and vibrant.

Work out how much natural light you need. Examine from room to room and assess where your natural light is coming from. Remove some of the offending items that block the natural lighting.

Using a mirror effect is an effective way of adding more light into your room. Use objects such as brass lighting or chandelier, silver photo frames or gold door knobs, mirrors, brass candlesticks or acrylic clear furniture.

  1. Make use of wallpapers

Using wallpapers on your wall will instantly add a personal style to your room. You can use the wallpaper at basically anywhere. Transform your living room from a simple space into a warm and vibrant room by adding sunny-yellow flower print wallpaper.

You can also use it to make your decorations and other accessories stand out. Make your shiny displays such as sophisticated vases, silver candleholders and detailed photo frame shine even more by placing them in front of gorgeous metallic wallpaper. You can also create your own wall art by using four different patterns of wallpaper and frame them.

The use of wallpapers is limitless if you have a creative mind.

  1. Accessorize your home

Accessories don’t just decorate your home but they are also a storyteller – they are the manifestation of the owner’s lives and experiences.

Remember these tips below in accessorizing your home:

  • Arrange your accessories in group, combine items that share similar color, texture or character.
  • You can mix books with accessories to add more life to your bookshelf.
  • Pay attention to scale and don’t forget the anchor.
  • Display your collector’s item instead of hiding them in a closet.
  • Choose accessories that pick up the dominant accent color in your room.
  1. Flowers always cheer up

If there’s one thing that you should not have your room without – it should be flowers. They are not just beautiful and fragrant, but they have many health benefits.

Ever wonder if you would add flowers to your room?

These benefits will surely convince you to do so.

  • Flowers can boost your mood. They instantly lift your depression or anxiety away.
  • It instantly lightens up a boring room. An old boring table will turn into a centerpiece if there’s a beautiful vase of flower on it.
  • It stimulates creativity and promotes concentration.
  • It welcomes anyone who enters the room.
  1. Update old fixtures

Updating old fixtures is one of the quickest and cheapest ways of decorating your home. Transform your kitchen by updating your handles, knobs, light switch plates and drawer pulls.

Your home should be the reflection of your personality. No matter what accessories you chose, make sure that they embody who you truly are so that you will feel at home as soon as you open your front door.


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