Cultural Ambassador: Avoid These Mistakes When Traveling Abroad

Cultural Ambassador: Avoid These Mistakes When Traveling Abroad Thailand


When you’re on holiday, it’s the chance to kick back and let things go a little more. The alarm clock can be rolled back a few hours or switched off altogether. Most importantly you’ll try, eat, and wear things you’d never dream of back home. It’s a holiday! Time to let your hair down!

While the above is certainly true to an extent, it’s worth bearing in mind that where you go in the world dictates just how much you can let your hair down and where. It’s not exactly true to say you’re representing your country when you go abroad, but you are representing yourself, and readiness to abide by the ways and values of your hosts is important.

Aside from anything else, the way you conduct yourself while abroad can impact how you are treated for the remainder of your trip. So before you set off, it’s worth knowing what’s expected of you in your chosen destination. Here’s how to avoid making the wrong kind of impact on holiday.

Thailand: Relaxed And Welcoming, But Respect Traditional Values

It is commonly said that Thailand is one of the friendliest countries to visit for holidaymakers from all over the world, and the level of politeness on show here is certainly noteworthy. Indeed, people are so polite that they may not tell you when you’re letting yourself down. It’s up to you to know whether or not you are.

This means, for example, when attending a Buddhist temple (which are dotted all over the country and are among the finest sights you’ll see), you must dress appropriately. Women are expected to cover arms and legs, while men are expected not to wear shorts or bare their chests. Sure, it’s hot in Thailand, but wear something loose and modest if that’s an issue.

African Safari: Life-Affirming Trips, But Listen To What You’re Told

Lions, giraffes, elephants, and more… there’s no doubt, a safari trip is a holiday of a lifetime. On the ultimate African safari, you’ll see and experience things that TV could never do justice to. And you’ll be guided on these tours by people who know their stuff.

giraffe on safari


In truth, a lot of us don’t pay attention when actual experts are talking. The guides on your safari trip have been doing this for years, so pay attention. Also, don’t:

  • Leave a vehicle without express permission. Not to go to the bathroom, not to take a selfie with a particularly handsome gorilla. The guides are paid to drive and inform, not to save foolhardy tourists.
  • Forget to mute your camera. You’re expected to take photos, but be as quiet as possible. Noises can really annoy wild animals.
  • This should go without saying, but don’t call out to the animals. They’re noble, wild creatures, not improv comics. They don’t perform for an audience; they’re lions, isn’t that impressive enough?


A little bit of reading before you set off can save you a lot of embarrassment and inconvenience, and the local authorities a ream of paperwork. Do you know what you need to have in your car if driving in France? Or what the minimum legal drinking age in Japan is? Knowing this stuff in advance can make you a responsible tourist who’s welcome in any country; that’s much better than being the rude, brash stereotype anyday.

Enjoy your travel destinations; and by following the above, you can be sure your destination will enjoy you too!


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