Home Remodeling: The Importance Of Communication

Home Remodeling: The Importance Of Communication

If your home remodeling project is robust enough to require a contractor, then it’s important that you convey what you want, and foster an environment of mutual understanding. This will help you in the long run. Expenses quickly pile up if certain parts of the house need to be redone or gutted entirely due to errors in communication.

For example, if your bathroom or kitchen needs extensive work, the contractor must be skilled with plumbing. Moving sinks and toilets around is very costly, since it requires you to change the pipe structure beneath the home and behind the walls. This doesn’t even account for places where strict building codes forbid that.

Plumbing Fix Torrance, for example, deals with requests to add or remove toilets and sinks all the time in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. However, parts of the region have sewage issues, and the pre existing pipe structures were set up that way to ward off leakage. This is just one of the things you need to square with the contractor before a home remodeling project.

Communication Regarding The Schedule

Making sure that you’re on the same page as your contractor is of primary importance. It will save you money, time and effort. The schedule you set should not be an informal agreement. You must be able to refer back to it when miscommunication issues arise.

If you’re making all the home amendments yourself, you can skip this step – but you still need a timetable for the work.

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Talk About Miscellaneous Details

Of course, you cannot expect to know all of them upfront. Just be sure to bring up and rectify issues regarding property access when you’re not home and your home remodeler needs to work, privacy issues when you are home, and one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of home remodeling: cleanup. Always have an understanding of how the cleanup will be handled before you start working.

Flexibility is a virtue here, because the very nature of the miscellaneous is that you can’t be sure of what will crop up. This is why communication beforehand is so essential – it allows you to see parameters that can be amended by mutual agreement later.

Pay Special Attention To The Kitchen And Bathrooms

Why these rooms, in particular? Because that’s where the plumbing is. Having work done in this area during a home remodel potentially opens you up to costly damage if there’s no communication about working around the pipes. In fact, the experts at restorationelite.com cite water damage and mold as some of the more common causes of subpar work when people make changes to their homes – specifically, in places where there’s sitting water. Make sure you have services remove mildew and mold completely before performing and finalizing work on walls and pipes.

Lien Waivers For Subcontracting Work

If your home remodeling project is more extensive than average, then there’s a chance that your primary contractor may subcontract specialized work. If this will be the case, you need to obtain a lien waiver – the expectation should be discussed beforehand – once the work is finished. You do not want to be responsible in any way for paying the subcontractors legally, in the event that other agreements were reached between the primary contractor and her secondaries. All this form will say is that all payments have been settled, and you’re not on the hook for lawsuits later.

Once your home remodeling job is finished, you deserve to sit back and enjoy the changes without worries.


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