Modernise Your Old House Without Losing Its Charm

Modernise Your Old House Without Losing Its Charm
Modernise Your Old House Without Losing Its Charm

Deciding how to update an older property is quite a challenge. You were probably attracted to it because of its rustic aesthetic, so you don’t want to lose that entirely. But at the same time, you want to enjoy some of the luxuries of modern life. So, how do you get the best of both worlds? The key is, getting the balance right and knowing what to change and what to leave. If you get it right, you can maintain the traditional atmosphere in the house, but without having to live like you’re in the Victorian era. Anybody out there that’s worried about updating their old property should follow these basic rules.

Choose The Right Rooms


When it comes to modernizing, there are some rooms that need it more than others. For example, it won’t be much of an issue if your bedroom isn’t kitted out with all of the latest tech. The same goes for the living room and dining room areas. However, when it comes to the kitchen, having outdated appliances can make cooking a bit of a chore. Companies like RM Kitchens offer custom made kitchens, so you can work with them to update all of the necessary bits, and fit them around the existing decor without taking away from the rustic aesthetic too much. The bathroom is another room that usually needs a bit of a makeover. Using a shower that’s fifty years old isn’t going to be great. But that doesn’t mean you need to put in modern looking fixtures. There are plenty of places that sell bathroom fixtures that will fit with the rest of the house, so you can replace them without actually making it look too different.

Know What To Keep


Knowing what not to change is just as important as knowing what you should change. There are certain aspects of the old property that are key to its look. Getting rid of these will upset the balance and you’ll lose the romantic feel that attracted you to the house in the first place. Hardwood floors are a big one. If you replaced them with carpet or fake laminate flooring, you immediately make the house look a hundred times more modern. The likelihood is, the wooden flooring is much nicer than anything that you can get put in anyway, so leave it be. The same goes for windows. Traditional windows might be less efficient than new ones, but plastic framed double glazing will look completely out of place and the overall aesthetic will be incredibly disjointed.



The best way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want is to go with custom fixtures. Instead of buying furniture straight from the shop floor, consider spending a bit more on having some custom made. That way, the designer can visit the house and you can tell them exactly what you want before they get to making it.

Follow these rules, and above all else, remember to keep things in balance and you should be able to update your house without losing the charm that convinced you to buy the house in the first place.


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