4 Common Mistakes Travelers Make While Traveling Abroad

4 Common Mistakes Travelers Make While Traveling Abroad

When you are shelling out thousands of dollars for an incredible overseas journey, you naturally want everything to go perfectly. However, even the most experienced travelers tend to make a number of gaffs that might interfere with the vacation of their dreams. Check out the following list of four common traveling mistakes and how to avoid them.


Choosing clothes for an international trip can be daunting, especially if you are visiting a number of countries with different types of weather. While you might want to pack an outfit for every possible occasion and temperature, try to resist this urge. The last thing you want to deal with is extra fees for heavy luggage, and you will probably add to the weight of your bag anyway with all of the cool souvenirs you are going to buy. Plus, as Travel Pulse notes, the less stuff you have to manage, sort, hang and put away while you are gone, the more time you will have to get out and enjoy your destinations. Place all of the clothes that you had in mind on your bed and then put at least one-third of them back in the closet and dressers. Strive for lots of layers for the cooler climates and remember that you can probably do your laundry along the way.

Being blasé about security

In order to share their enthusiasm about their trips with all of their friends and family members, many travelers make dozens of posts on social media. In some cases, they include their itinerary and when they will return. If you were planning on doing the same thing, you might want to wait until you get back to update everyone on your amazing journey — your close friends and family will probably already know you are away, but you don’t have to advertise that your house is sitting empty on social media. In addition, travelers often neglect the importance of taking measures to secure their home as much as possible, this includes not leaving lights on or installing a timer and investing in a home security camera system. Prior to leaving, purchase and install a home security camera and put up signs that you have a security system in place. If something does happen while you are away, rest assured that the camera will capture important footage that you can turn over to the police.

Not letting your credit card company know your plans

If you are planning on using your Visa or MasterCard while you are away, give these companies a jingle prior to leaving to let them know your itinerary. As Ordinary Traveler notes, credit card companies are on high alert for fraud, and if they spot mysterious charges popping up overseas, they may freeze your account. While you are on the phone with them, inquire about any foreign transaction fees; you might find that one card is better to use along the way than another.

Packing too much into your schedule

Since your vacation time is finite and you want to experience all that you can, it can be tempting to cram as many countries and activities into your journey as possible. Instead, spend more time at fewer places and try not to over-schedule yourself. You want your trip memories to be of the charming local cafes that you found, the amazing museums and scenery — not the endless lines at security at a bunch of airports. Spending several days each in two to three destinations will give you time to unwind and really explore the cities.


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