3 Items You Need While Working Remotely

3 Items You Need While Working Remotely

Working remotely is many people’s dream.  It is so much more peaceful than a stressful commute and dealing with your boss on a daily basis.  Thanks to technology, it is more feasible than ever to work remotely.  Stay-at-home parents remain economically productive.  Night owls who love to wear pajamas have successful careers.  Digital nomads live a life of simple elegance, blogging from cafes around the world.

Wireless technology, including Tylt wireless products, are a boon to those who work remotely.  Here are three items that can help make your remote work more successful:

Wireless Phone Charger

The wireless iPhone charger makes life easier for many people, including telecommuters.  This revolutionary charger does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to charge your electronic devices.  Instead, magnets inside the charger create an electrical current, just like they did in third grade science class.  Even better, the portable power pack can charge all your devices.  You can alternate charging your tablet, smart watch, and phone during your remote work day.

Rechargeable Phone Case

You may not remember how quickly phones used to lose their charge before there were rechargeable cases.  Having a rechargeable phone case is essential if your remote work requires you to be out and about.  The right rechargeable phone case can keep your phone charged throughout even the longest work day. You will never have to worry about missing an important call for work again.

Charging Backpack

One of the proud symbols of the digital nomad is that he carries a backpack instead of a briefcase.  Now, truly wireless digital nomads can keep their devices charged even while backpacking.  Charging backpacks make it easy to keep your devices charged during remote work errands and backpacking adventures.  The backpacks can charge phones, smart watches, and tablets.


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