7 Useful Tips For New Moms Travelling With Babies

7 Useful Tips For New Moms Travelling With Babies

Travelling for new moms is a brand new adventure especially when bringing along their babies. Consider the thrill alongside the excitement of sharing precious moments with your family and your new member as you explore new places to appreciate. Here are a few essential tips for new moms when travelling with their babies:

  1. Unpack strategically

Be ready with a checklist of what to bring and double check when you unpack as soon as you arrive. Make sure you chose a place that has a playpen or crib with many toys. If you brought along older kids than your baby, try to get them busy with coloring book and crayons. You can also let your partner take the older kids out to play or shop so you have ample time to unpack by yourself.

  1. Assign a station for baby-changing, feeding and a playing

Make sure that you have a designated place for changing. Stash diapers and baby wipes in one area only. Changing pad should be properly laid out above a towel. For playthings, bring along a few toys and books to keep the little ones busy and keep them organized.  This would create a homey feel for the kids. Organize feeding for the kids in one area too. Put dishes, feeding bottles, baby formula, baby food and snacks intact in one sanitized place.

  1. Explore schemes for napping schedules

Put your baby in a stroller so she can nap while you stroll along your vacation. A front carrier or baby backpack is also ideal if baby feels more comfortable hugging you while sleeping. Another option is putting your baby safely in a car seat to sleep while you drive along nice views in your holiday.

  1. Achieving Peaceful Sleep in an Ideal Place

While you have achieved giving your baby successful naps, you also have the right to catch some sleep. This is where you discuss with your partner to take turns nap-sitting. Never miss an opportunity to take a nap while the baby sleeps in the room. For difficulties getting sleep in same room, try renting a connecting room so you can have more space for the whole family to sleep soundly.

  1. Feeding Time

Part of your holiday is to splurge on various fine dining and authentic meals so do not deprive yourself of such. You may order take out if needed and enjoy your meal in bed with your baby. You can also order from room service so you don’t need to go out most of the time. Pack ready-made breakfast and snacks. Ideally, eating earlier than the others would give you a lesser crowded place in a restaurant. You will have more space for your stroller and shorter time to wait for your food. In case you are still breastfeeding your baby, you may love having one of these breast milk storage bags and store enough breast milk in it before starting your travel.

  1. Learn to Adjust your Routine

Regardless of the change in location, you should stick to your routine back home. Give your baby a bath, sing lullabies and feed your baby in a feeding bottle like they are used to. You should adjust your body clock or new time zone for your chores by staying up later or waking up earlier than usual.

  1. Travel Light

You could opt to transfer your goods in a much lighter container such as zip-lock for your powdered milk formula. You can always order baby shampoo, diapers and powdered formula locally in your target place. You can also breastfeed whenever you get a chance or where there is a legal place allowing that.


Following these tips enables new moms to enjoy their travels with their babies. Consider having one of these best baby memory books and track all the important and noteworthy moments of the first travels of your baby.


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