Have You Considered These Common Vacation Dangers?

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Injury, pain, illness. These aren’t the words that should spring immediately to mind when you think of a vacation. But there are risks of you being struck by these things if you’re not careful! We’re not here to scare you out of going on vacation – but you might be a lot safer if you know more about the risks and what you can do to protect yourself!

Weather woes

While we’re a little uncertain on the precise statistics, we’d be willing to be that the most common vacation ills are related to sunburn. A lot of people go to hot countries underestimating just how hot those places are going to be. Many problems may occur due to misconceptions, too; just because it was punishingly hot in New York City that one summer you visited, it doesn’t mean that the winter won’t be equally as punishing on the other end of the scale! Make sure you research weather conditions before you leave and prepare accordingly.


Resort negligence

Resorts can be pretty dangerous. From hotels to theme parks, the managers of these places have a lot to deal with. Health and safety becomes a complex and demanding process. Most places will have it all covered, but some may be a little negligent in some areas. You shouldn’t underestimate the dangers that can arise as a result. Get to know your legal rights in case something goes wrong. You may be surprised at just how much assistance you can get for so many potential problems. You can even contact a bed bug lawyer if you see those particular critters in your hotel room. (And no, you shouldn’t underestimate the dangers of bed bugs.)

Roads less traveled

Road laws are different all over the world. Driving isn’t the same from one place to the next; even if you’re vacationing in a different state in the U.S. instead of going abroad, you’ll have different road rules and regulations to deal with. One of the most obvious examples of these sort of difficulties will apply to those traveling to or from the United Kingdom, where they drive on “the other side of the road”. Adapting to a change in what side of the road you drive on is obviously difficult. You might want to check other differences in road law. The rules of the road help you predict the behavior of other drivers, so being in the dark about them puts you and others in danger.

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Language barriers

One of the most common causes of vacation danger is language barriers. If you’re not versed in the language of the place you’re visiting and there are no translation options available, then several problems present themselves. Checking the ingredients of a particular food item or medication becomes pretty difficult. Not knowing any of the language may also result in you not being able to heed warnings from signs or the spoken warnings from the locals. This is why it’s good to know some of the basics, especially the ones relevant to food, health, and safety. Otherwise, you could be placing yourself in a state of dangerous ignorance!


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