3 Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Being productive means that at the end of the work day you get to feel proud and satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. It feels good, but it happens occasionally. Now, imagine being productive and enthusiastic every single day in a row. Even though it sounds like mastering the highest Zen skill, actually it is far simpler than that. All it takes is an ounce of awareness, a bit of discipline and to take care of some basic aspects that affect our well-being in general.

Sleep well

By being a poor sleeper, you are harming the natural process that goes on in your brain and body. Understand that sleeping is a dynamic process since our brain is highly active processing new information and integrating them to our long-term memory. In that way sleeping well enhances our memory and performance. Also, good sleep will reduce stress and improve our immune system, plus it provides the release of growth hormone, responsible for feeling and looking good.  Sleep deprivation affects the release of cortisol and other stress hormones which can cause serious health problems. Also, restricted sleep may alter the serotonin activity which further can cause a list of problems such as aggressive behavior, depression, migraine, tinnitus, anxiety disorders, OCD…

Eat well

What we eat will directly influence on how we will perform during the day. Almost everything that we digest turns to glucose which provides the energy for daily function of the brain. It is hard to stay focused when you are hungry, so the key is to maintain the level of glucose in the blood. Depending on the food, we may feel energized for a short while (pasta, bread, cereals) or we may feel drowsy (high-fat meals), but the right choice from the menu can turn our day into a small victory, so make sure that lunch you take to work is a quality one. Even though the unhealthy food is much simpler and faster solution, try to avoid making an eating decision when already hungry. In addition to that, have some healthy snacks with you in order to maintain the glucose level by having frequent smaller meals during the day. Eat a lot of fruit and veggies, for not only they are healthy, but they can directly impact our memory, mood, and creativity.

Breath fresh air

Often we overlook such essential aspect of our health like breathing the fresh and clean air. We spend most of our time indoor trying to be productive, yet we rarely wonder about the air quality that we breathe. Poor quality of indoor air can cause various problems such as allergic reaction, irritations, infections, chronic fatigue, headaches and so on.  Breathing the clean air has many obvious benefits and having a clear mind is just one of them, so if you struggle to stay sharp, people from Climacool suggest to take care of the air conditioning and ventilation system. Do anything to create a healthful indoor setting, free from allergens and polluting particles floating in the air.

To summarize

Breathing fresh air, enough sleep and a healthy diet are essential for our daily functioning. Since they are too obvious necessities, it is easy to ignore them and to think that the reason for being unproductive lies somewhere else. To change sleeping and eating habits takes some time and effort, but the benefits of such changes are indisputable. Along with these new habits, if you manage to add some physical activity to your daily routine, rest assure that in no time you will be a new, healthier and happier version of yourself.


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