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Planning a vacation is a lot of hard work. Before you even look into the hotel you are going to stay at and begin to flesh out what you want your itinerary to look like, you are going to have a massive hurdle: Airfare.

To say that finding cheap airfare is often difficult is an understatement. The dates can be very fickle in the sense that checking on Tuesday as opposed to Monday can mean paying an extra $200 for the same flights.

This can all be avoided, however, if you know where to look. There are some trulyCheap Airfare amazing sites that you can follow if you are searching for cheap airfare. We’ve taken some of the stress out of vacation planning by listing out the absolute best of the best and letting you know what they have to offer.

This site is pretty cool for a number of reasons. Not only can you set up alerts for low travel fares and/or weekly emails, but you can also use their “Search and Compare” feature to compare their prices with any number of other airfare sites. The fare alerts are probably my favorite part because the website will email you whenever there is a dip in price for your departure airport. This means that you have the highest likelihood of getting the best price out there before it sells out and goes back to its standard price.

Remember, sometimes the cheapest flights may be flights you can book using points. Check out this guide to get you started.


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We live in a world of social media, where 140 character posts rule the world. If you are able to accept that, you can get some awesome deals from The Flight Deal on Twitter. One look at their feed will tell you just about everything you need to know about the best flight deals on the market right now. If you are open to your departure and destination, this is a truly great tool to use because it can open your eyes to a trip that you may not have considered taking otherwise.

FlyerTalk Forums

Cheap Airfare

One way to find the best deals is to talk to your fellow deal junkies. Even though you may just be getting started in the world of travel savings, that doesn’t mean that you have to start from the very beginning. The Mileage Run Deals forum on FlyerTalk is a place that travelers can all come together and discuss the best deals out there right now. You’ll also get some pretty great advice as a novice, such as the best and worst days to book, the best days to travel, and some other tips that you will keep with you for a long time to come.

Google Flights

Cheap Airfare

Did you know that Google had its own cheap airfare site? Well, now you do! Google Flights works best with domestic traveling within the United States. All you have to do is drag and drop your chosen route on the map. Change the destination and departure and you will be able to see instantly just how your fares change as well.


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A site designed by Reddit’s Steve Huffman? You know it’s going to be brutally honest. Hipmunk’s catchphrase is, “Cheap flights… Without the agony” and that is exactly what they deliver on. Your search results are shown to be color coded with colored bars descending in order of “agony”. This agony is based on price, flight times, number of stops, etc. The best overall flight will be listed first with the more agonizing trips coming afterwards. This is great because getting the lowest price usually comes at a disadvantage. Hipmunk cuts out all of that thought process and lets you know what the best deal is overall.


AirWander is a cool site because it is considered a metasearch engine that takes the pain of combining flights and allows you to add less costly stopovers to any flight that you choose. Automating the flight combination process can do wonders for your traveling and allow you to see the world more freely: one stop at a time. Try if you want the freedom and flexibility to more efficiently plan your travel and trips with flights.



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