You Can Throw the Ultimate Garden Party

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Hosting a party in your garden sounds pretty darn simple, right? It’s a fairly wide open space, so there’s plenty of room. There’s less risk of the house getting trashed if people get too rowdy or clumsy (not that we’re necessarily talking about those sorts of parties, here). It’s easier to cook and serve food out there. All you have to do is invite your desired guests, pass around a few drinks, and you’re pretty much sorted. Right?

Well, if you want to throw a successful get-together in your garden, you may want to consider a few things a bit more thoroughly first.

The state of your garden

No, you don’t have to get a gardener round and overhaul your entire garden. But if there are going to be a bunch of people out there, then you’d better sure it’s neat and safe. There are loads of helpful tips over at, but in general, just make sure the grass has been cut, that there’s no refuse kicking around, and that there’s good lighting across the garden. If there are any holes or loose slabs, remember that other people may not be familiar with their locations, so consider getting those sorted out.

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So what are you going to do about food? It’s pretty much a cardinal sin to host a gathering at your place but not offer anyone anything to eat. If you’re throwing something in your garden then there’s probably a fairly obvious answer to this question: a barbecue! This is the best and most entertaining way of feeding your guests in spring and summer. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, then you’ve got a pretty wide array of options. You can go for the regular charcoal models or you can go for something more stylish and hi-tech, such as an electric model. If you’re not too sure about the latter, consider checking out this comprehensive Brinkmann electric smoker review from As long as you have the means of safely getting an electric source out into the garden, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you are thinking of supplying your own drinks it may be a great idea to get a keg. This Pub Gas Supplier can help you serve your guests with a selection of beverages such as beer and many other drinks on tap. This would certainly make your garden party one to remember.

Treacherous weather

Some people throw garden parties almost exclusively because they don’t want too many people in their house at the same time. But what happens if the weather suddenly turns on you? If you prevent everyone from coming inside, then you’re not exactly going to be winning Host of the Year any time soon. So be prepared to let people in your home if it turns out the weather forecast lied to you! Consider looking for outdoor shelter solutions at if you want to protect your guests from any sudden wind or rain – or even blistering sunshine!

Good neighbors

Neighbor of the Year is another award that you’re not going to be winning if you don’t alert your neighbors to the fact that you’re having a get-together in the garden. (By the way, you’ll probably also lose points if you don’t invite them while you’re at it.) Don’t give your neighbors reasons to call the police and complain about the noise. Keep the chatter fairly low-level as the evening progresses, keep the music down, and consider setting an end time.


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