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Interestingly, DIY projects evolved throughout the years. A creative DIY project can be made of almost everything you usually dispose. A perfect example of this are cereal boxes – kids love cereals, and you may have been disposing a lot of cereal boxes from time to time. Word of the day: Stop. Start collecting those cereal boxes and make a useful DIY craft through these adorable project ideas!

  1. DIY Mini Notebooks

DIY Creative Ideas planners

Photo Courtesy: cremedelacraft.com

Still love writing notes? Here’s a good way to make use of your used cereal box – DIY Mini Notebooks. Personalize your very own notebook without spending too much! You just need a cereal box, bond/lined paper (whichever you prefer), patterned or plain colored papers to cover the spine, needles and embroidery floss, double-sided tape, glue, and of course – stylish buttons, of your own style, to close the notebook. You can check out the tutorial here, and you’ll have your personalized mini notebooks in no time!

  1. DIY Drawer Dividers

DIY Creative Ideas drawers

Photo Courtesy: kixcereal.com

It’s hard browsing on drawers looking for a paper clip with all the other stuff you put in, plus working on a messy desk will further stress you aside from all the workload you have. What you need? A draw divider to help organize your things! And no – you don’t need to buy from the department store, you can easily do it yourself on your own preferred style using a cereal box! Curious? Here’s the full tutorial to help you with.

  1. DIY Succulent Geometric Vases

DIY Creative Ideas aloe plants

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Planning on displaying succulent plants on your table top? Pot vases can rather be expensive, and common. To help you budget and personalize your vase, here’s a DIY cereal box craft you can make to achieve a different approach on succulent plants – and they’re really cool! You can follow the instructions here.

  1. DIY Gift Tags

DIY Creative Ideas hanging tags

Photo Courtesy: offbeatandinspired.com

If you’re the type of person who wants to personalize your gifts – here’s a way to make that possible! You just need to use a cereal box and patterned papers to make your gift tags look fancy and stylish. For sure, whoever will receive your gifts will appreciate it. For further details on gift tags, look here.

  1. DIY Embroidery Floss Spools

DIY Creative Ideas yarn spools

Photo Courtesy: diys.com

You won’t believe this – but cereal boxes can be of use for your embroidery stuff! Wind them out on the sides of your cereal box cut outs and you’ll have your embroidery floss spools. Want to learn how? Check the full instructions here.

  1. DIY Pencil Case

DIY Creative Ideas tote

Photo Courtesy: youtube.com/guidecentralenglish

If you’re a pencil/pens person – you’ll definitely love this project. It’s pretty personal and customizable plus it will take good care of your beloved writing items. Just bring out your cereal box and follow the tutorial here!

  1. DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Creative Ideas hanging mirror

Photo Courtesy: classyclutte.blogspot.com

This project’s a must do! This designer mirror will probably have you spending much for a mirror at the department store. But a few cereal boxes will save you from the expense – and patience with the thin strips. Check out the tutorial here.

  1. DIY Wall Decors

DIY Creative Ideas bird houses

Wall decors can be pretty expensive, and sometimes you don’t get to find your desired design from the department store. The good thing about DIYs is, you need not to settle with mediocre designs, and instead you can make one out of your own preference. So gather your cereal boxes and make your very own wall decors with this tutorial.

Key Takeaway

Truly, there are a lot of creative ideas you can use to make crafts out of cereal boxes. You just need an additional amount of patience and commitment to achieve these cute, fun DIY projects!

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