5 Perfect Workplace Fashion Trends

Workplace Fashion Trends woman in mirror

When it comes to creating your ideal workplace wardrobe, keeping things classy, comfortable, and on-trend is key. To help you land your perfect look, here are a few of the essential workplace fashion trends of the season.

  1. Eclectic Prints

Workplace wardrobe staples, such as sophisticated slacks, versatile dresses, and chic everyday basic tops, don’t have to be boring. This season, game-changing colors and prints are redefining the art of office chic.

How to get the look: Trade in some of your neutrals for bright, internationally inspired offerings from brands like Camilla that focus on vivid, kaleidoscopic prints. Layer splashy pieces with more subdued basics like tailored jackets and trousers.  

  1. Accessorize Like a Pro

Capitalizing on current wardrobe trends is all about the details. This season, invest in a couple of versatile jewelry pieces (think gemstone stud earrings and sleek lariat necklaces), as well as some multi-use bags that can effortlessly transition you from office wear to evening attire.

How to get the look: Go easy on your pocketbook without cutting corners. Invest in one or two versatile, high-quality boutique handbags that can be worn for multiple seasons – go-to brands like Rebecca Minkoff and Annabel Ingall are the perfect choice – then consider spicing up your collection with a niche statement piece once you’ve locked down the best of the basics.

  1. Blurring the Lines Between Daytime & Evening Wear

Just as sporting a smokey eye during the day or going fresh faced at night has enjoyed a surge in popularity, mixing up night attire as daywear is currently one of the hottest current workplace trends. Men can also benefit from ensuring that their wardrobe is stocked to the fullest with tailor made suits that fit well and show the proper blend between work professionalism and night time attire.

How to get the look: Incorporate more upscale fabrics (silk and chiffon are just a couple of the season’s top picks) and dramatic cuts in tops and dresses. Layer these with traditionally professional pieces. For example, pair a slinky silk midi dress with a tailored blazer and luxe ballet flats or designer sneakers to create a balanced yet fashion forward look.

  1. Relaxed Chic

Gone are the days when professional attire had to be stodgy and uncomfortable. With relaxed dress codes becoming the norm for many companies, contemporary workplaces are changing things up with luxe yet casual favorites that are as stylish as they are cozy, comfortable, yet polished.

How to get the look: Experiment with fresh fabrics, and opt for materials that will make you feel like you’re wearing a second set of skin, such as soft, breathable jersey cotton or organic silk. Choose clothing that promises a free range of motion, and that allows you to feel the most like yourself.

  1. Dare to Be Different

One of the best things about current office wardrobe trends is the ability to branch out from run of the mill looks and express your own individual style. For this season, creative layering, bold takes on professional classics, and even retro throwbacks like jumpsuits and cardigans are all fair game.

How to get the look: For best results, scout current trends online or in your favorite fashion magazines and highlight your personal favorites. Use original accessorizing and some selective shopping for both classic standards and stand-out statement pieces to mix, match, and create your most loved styles.

Author Bio: Lisa Madison Raines is a personal stylist, retail consultant, and freelance writer based in sunny Santa Monica, California. In addition to a career in fashion, she enjoys bottomless mimosas and making the most of beach weather.




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