Here Is A List Of 10 Chic Accessories That You Can Use To Pep Up Your Look Effortlessly

List Of 10 Chic Accessories

We can all agree that accessories are an integral part of women’s life. They can add more charm to your look. They are often also considered a diversion which is used to direct the viewer’s attention to a particular part of your body. Imagine an Indian bride without her jewelry or imagine yourself wearing your favorite off-shoulder dress without a choker. You are not looking as beautiful as you should right? Well, that’s because these accessories complete your look. We girls love lo experiment with colors, mixing up our clothes with contrasting color accessories. So we have decided to list a few chic accessories that you can use to pep up your look.

  1. Colorful Scarfs

Summers are already gracing on our heads with full blow of heat, and what better way to protect your skin, then covering up your face with a colorful scarf. You must have seen hundreds of girls riding scooters, with scarves wrapped around their face like hijabs. Well, I believe if you prefer covering your face like that, then get some inspiration and use bright shades to spread more vibrant energy into the world.

  1. Chokers

This is one accessory which is really getting popular this season; you will find almost every other girl, donning this neck piece with off shoulder, chokers fit perfectly with them. You can also wear them with tube tops and V neck Tees. You can find different types of chokers, with strings, lace or velvet bands. You can also try creating your own choker following DIY videos on Pinterest.

  1. Anklets

Literally turn heads when you enter a room. Anklets can be your signature jewelry. You can get a wide range of Silver Anklets in Joyalukkas which is a popular jewelry brand. Anklets look good on anything, be it one of your ethnic wear, or a maxi dress or a sleek anklet with your little black dress.

  1. Jhumkas

Indian markets are flooding with heavy to light, sliver to bright colored pomp-pomp jhumkas. Don these earnings with anything, and you will be attracting attention to your face. You can wear them with anything from your formals to Kurtis. Showcase your feminine side by experimenting with more vibrant, colorful jhumkas.

  1. Shrugs

Are you scared of the summer tan, and then this is a fashion piece designed for you. You can find shrugs of any color and length to suit your dress or go with your tank top. Avoid the tan this season by adding an extra layer of protection on your hands. You can experiment different fabrics like lace or strings to give yourself a chic makeover. Use vibrant light shades like white and peach to look like an angle in the summer light.

  1. Bags

I still can’t understand why and how no one has compared a female’s bag as her best friend. I can’t even recall how many times, my bag has helped me in looking good in front of my crush. Bags are an important accessory; literally, it holds all the necessary requirements of your daily life. It also represents your taste and style, so choose them wisely, to go with your entire daily requirement while also maintaining your style.

  1. Hair Bands and Clips

God bless the person who invented these genius bands and hair claws. Can you image a life without them, where you have to let your hair loose every day because you have no other choice? We all use them as an important accessory, which saves us from our bad hair days. Experiment a little with them, try different patterns and designs to add a little boldness and chic vibe in your daily look.

  1. Caps

It is another essential hair accessory that we all make use of in summers. Caps can save you from a bad look in general. You can experiment with different colors or different slogans that you might find in the market, from swag to the monster, or be the stud you want to be. You can also experiment with unisex designs and steal some of your boyfriend’s caps.

  1. Watch

Watches are a timeless classic accessory, which adds class and style to your wrist at the same time. Today you will rarely find people donning a watch. However, the android smart watches have pushed its business as people are getting intrigued to carry one with them almost regularly. Wear you classic silver band watch daily and give a professional chic vibe. You can also try leather bands or just go with random pearl bracelet designs.

  1. Belts

We often ignore belt as an accessory, as if it is bringing nothing to the overall picture. Belts help in bringing attention to your waist, making you appear to have a small waist. It is an essential part of our daily life, whether you are wearing jeans or a skater dress. Use can wear ribbon or bow based belts, which can help in giving your whole look a princess feel.


We hope you will be able to try these tips and experiment a little with colors. Don’t forget to uses shrugs, chokers and bags to the best of their advantage. You can also go for a tom boy look by just wearing a cap over your jeans or pajamas. Accessorize as much as you can with jewelry, as this season is all about Boho look and vibrant colors.


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