5 European Road Trips for your Electric Car

5 European Road Trips for your Electric Car
5 European Road Trips for your Electric Car

Are you looking for an adventure, but you’re conscious to respect the environment? What better way to experience Europe by winding through its roads in an electric car! If you’re looking for a trip that allows you to fully immerse in a country’s culture, enjoy the local food, landscapes and attractions while charging your electric car, then look no further.

This handy guide suggests a few iconic road trips in Europe as well as recommending a range of eco-friendly activities along the way while you let your electric car charge at one of the charging points.

For those who love the beach, yet are looking for a holiday in our own country, consider embarking on the Tour of the South. This route boasts 210 miles of historic landmarks, beautiful gardens and astonishing views. While you’re there, enjoy the delicious seasonal menu at Quay Fifteen in Southampton.

For those looking for a more cultural experience abroad, consider taking The Culture Trip in Germany. As the name suggests, this route boats 220 miles of cultural entertainment, immersive history and amazing sights. This route allows you to indulge in some delicious traditional food while getting your cultural fix at one of the many museums.

Romantics will not be able to pass up the route starting and finishing in Pisa, Italy. The vineyards, hill towns and breathtaking views will allow for an unforgettably romantic holiday. 

Always wanted to go on a tapas and wine-tasting tour? Then the Castille-Leon route in Spain is one not to miss. While you’re there, plug in your EV and let your hair down at the Alcazar Rapunzel towers in Segovia.

Are you looking for a relaxing holiday, enjoying the natural beauty and taking a rest from your busy life? Consider following the route taken by Napoleon in his 1815 escape from Elba to Grenoble. We recommend a visit to the relaxing thermal spa at Digne-les-Bains to really feel rejuvenated.

Will you be able to charge you’re EV on the way? And will you be able do any eco-friendly activities along the way? Luckily, the infographic only details those routes that have plenty of charging points and activities along the way! 

Whether you’ve got a trip planned and want some insight into eco-friendly activities or are looking to get inspired, keep reading to find out the perfect European road trip for you and your electric car!

5 European Road Trips for your Electric Car


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