Preparing Your Home For The Summer

Preparing Your Home for summer

Summer will soon be upon us so now is the perfect time to get your home and garden ready for this hottest of seasons. Follow this handy guide to ensure you and your family have a fantastic time, lounging and playing in the sun.

Prepare your outfits

Now is the right time to shop for those all important summer outfits. After all, you want to look good when you’re lounging by the pool, book in hand and cocktail in the other. Buying clothes out of season is cheaper so if your wardrobe needs sprucing up, now is the time to do it.

A breath of cool air

Of course, you want to be out in the sun and spending time with your family and friends. There will be moments though when you and your visitors are going to need to cool down. So check your air conditioning is in good working order and if not, call in a professional to help. To misquote a famous saying, if you can’t stand the heat, cool down in the kitchen!

Protect your pool

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, you are guaranteed a great summer. Kids like nothing more than having a good splash around, and you may join in the fun too. There is no better way to cool down. However, it won’t be fun when you prepare to jump into the water and discover it’s full of leaves and other debris. So ensure it is protected by pool covers and rollers, and when it’s time to jump in, the water will be clear.

Declutter the refrigerator

You are going to want to stock up on all the summer essentials, such as cold drinks, popsicles, and ice creams to help you are your family keep cool. So throw away anything that is out of date, get rid of that bag of brussel sprouts which you have convinced yourself you will eat one day, and make some room for the good stuff.

Cooking up a feast

The summer season is the perfect time to get the barbecue out and invite family and friends to a social gathering. Now is the time to soap it down and remove the charcoaled sausage from last year’s grill fest.

Shape up your garden

As you will want to spend a lot of time in the garden this summer, now is the time to get it into shape. Mow the lawn, dig up those pesky weeds, organize your flowers and buy some new ornaments to make it an attractive place to spend your time.

Outdoor games

You don’t want to lounge around all summer, do you? Well, you might, but your kids definitely won’t. Invest in a few games and activities for your garden, from swingball, water slides, to volleyball nets; there are a lot of ideas out there. They will get your kids off their smartphones and may give you some much-needed exercise too.


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