10 Best Countries to Combine Traveling and Studying Abroad

10 Best Countries to Combine Traveling and Studying Abroad France

Travelling is acknowledged around the world as being good for the soul. Many people live to travel, and the only thing that often holds us back from the exciting and varied experiences that can only come from exploring other cultures is a lack of money or opportunity. For this reason, many people are choosing to study abroad over the course of their degree, and are therefore able to improve their CV while seeing the world. The following ten countries are some of the best places in the world to combine studying with traveling. (Cialis)

1. France

Renowned for food and fashion, France is one of the most desirable European countries to visit. Mary Walton, a tutor at Paper Fellows shares her study abroad experience: “Paris, the capital, is currently ranked as the best city for students, and although the living costs are high, student accommodation on the outskirts can be reasonable, and the low tuition fees balance out living in the city of lights.”
2. Australia

Australia is home to several globally ranked universities, and has the added bonus (for some) of being an English speaking country. “If languages aren’t part of your studies, then this could be the perfect place – with Melbourne attracting many students thanks to the great weather, buzzing beaches, and cool nigh life. Once settled, there’s a huge country to travel around, which also contributes to its popularity”, – says Amber Coburn, an educator at Essayroo. Also, if you are looking for a resort in Perish, Australia, check out the link for some great places to stay and adventure at!
3. Hong Kong
hong kong
If you’re feeling adventurous but want to hang on to an urban lifestyle then Hong Kong could be the best place for you. The skyline is iconic, and there’s a great East meets West culture clash that appeals to a lot of international communities. The food is amazing and this can serve as a great starting point from which you can explore Asia more thoroughly.
4. Germany

Home to multiple thriving student cities – including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Bonn – Germany offers an amazing hipster culture, as well as international festivals, the choice of classes in English or German, and the chance to get experience in the economic capital of Europe. “You may want to learn the language, or simply absorb the culture through the specialty food, the beers, and the movies”, – Jeffery Reed from Academized comments.
5. Taiwan

Mary Reed from Studydemic says: “If you’re looking for studies and adventure on a budget, then Taiwan could be the place for you, as it’s officially the most affordable student city in the world – Taipei.” The culture is vibrant, and you would be really immersing yourself in an entirely new environment by studying here.
6. South Korea
South Korea

Most international students head straight to Seoul, the capital of South Korea and home to some really great universities. Thomas Green, an academic writer at Ukwritings comments: “It’s not all academic here though, as ancient palaces mingle with skyscrapers and students regularly take part in the non-stop hustle and bustle of this city that is awake and thriving 24/7.”
7. Switzerland
There are some great institutions in Switzerland, most of which are set in the natural beauty of Geneva and Zurich. Tuition fees are low, though the cost of living is high. Mountains, lakes, and trains to the rest of Europe make this a great destination for many international students.
8. Argentina
There are some great universities in this charismatic home of tango, which are particularly appealing to students who want to learn, improve, or perfect their Spanish. Whether you opt for a university in Buenos Aires, or the more modern facilities in Belgrano, living in Argentina for a year is absolutely an experience you will never forget.
9. Denmark
While the standard of education is amongst the best in the world, tuition is free in Denmark for European students, and can even pay a pretty high salary for PhD students. Whether you want to be in Copenhagen or head further north, this is a great country to explore and gain insight into Nordic culture and history. It’s easy to get to Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe is also fairly accessible.
10. Canada

Carol Wise, an academic consultant at Boomessays, shares the opinion: “Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are all home to highly ranked universities, and are unanimously recommended by international students.” Canada is home to cities as well as beautiful natural parks, and is world famous for bacon, hockey, and maple syrup. Classes are taught in English or French, and you may not want to leave at the end of the semester.
Studying abroad enriches any educational experience, and also produces well-rounded graduates who are confident, well-rounded, and aware of other cultures and environments. For students, it can be a life changing experience that opens their eyes to what the world has to offer.

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