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The all white interior is one that many homeowners shy away from, how can you create a warm and inviting home if it is all white? A common misconception is that your home will look to clinical. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth, so we have pulled up a few hints on how to make the all white home, all right. Alright?

White is a versatile colour as it will go with just about anything, although it might be wise to stay clear of creams as the white can make these look a little too dirty or yellow. One of the easiest rooms to use it in is the kitchen, here it feels clean and classic plus it will look just as good with wooden worktops as it does with marble. White will give your kitchen a millionaire feel, without the price tag. You can get some really great inspiration from Home Decor Expert who wrote the article on how to create a millionaire style kitchen without the budget.

White furniture and upholstery will give you the illusion of more space and an expensive feel. Many people worry that white furniture will become dirty really quickly, but that isn’t always the case. A white leather sofa is easy enough to keep clean because you can see dirty marks so easily, meaning you can keep on top of them. If you have a really busy family room or like to impress guests, then look at using faux leather and suedes. White denim slipcovers can look really awesome and are perfect for homes with pets as they can be washed, they will also take a good bleaching should you need to get some heavy soiling up!

There isn’t just one shade of white. There are hundreds of them. Every single colour in the spectrum has some kind of white version. You can find hints of each colour in these whites, from yellow to green and purple. Although you can opt for a brilliant white which is usually the brightest cleanest of all.
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If you go with all white and then get a little worried you may have left your room lacking in personality, use multiple white layers. Take patterns, textures and different materials to give you a little more depth. Don’t forget that you can also add one major piece of colour through some art, which could give you the little bit of drama you are searching for! White on white texture is stunning in the bedroom where you can layer your bed up and use lighting to cast a different feel in various parts of the room.

The white look is really stunning and if you can keep on top of the fingermarks will give you the ultimate in millionaire, stylish chic. Even using a variety of paint finished can give you a real edge. Look at mixing matte paint alongside eggshell or vinyl silk. This will give your walls a very subtle difference. Perfect for creating an atmosphere.


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