10 Motivating Quick and Simple Cooking Tips for the Working Mom

10 Motivating Quick and Simple Cooking Tips for the Working Mom

How to cook effectively for your love ones in a jiffy and still stay gorgeous and organized all the time?

Freeze! Yeah, if only I am an X-men and has the power to freeze time, teleport or can move things through my mind, it would all be easy then. Wishful thinking! Yet, I bet, every mom wishes to have superpowers when the day needs rescuing. Being a mother and working at the same time is tuff, especially when you want your family to get what they need like a clean home, decent clothes and nutritious food. FOOD! How can a mom balance her time and still cook hearty meals? Mom, you need to take an eye on these Quick and Simple Cooking Tips for Working Moms and promise, you will have enough time to stay gorgeous!

Let us go with all these Tips one by one and see if they are right for you. Working moms deserve a little help from friends!

Quick and Simple Cooking Tips for the Working Mom

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  • Organize your recipes – Make a file of all your secret recipes in one folder. It would make it easy for you to locate them when it’s time for cooking. More advantageous if you have a tablet allocated just for the kitchen for easy access (mounted on a wall where it is convenient for you to operate). For those who wants it less complicated (like my mom, who wants it all in paper), you can print them all and file in one folder. You may use the portfolio type (each page covered with plastic) since you would not know how messy the kitchen could be!
  • A little twist in your ingredients will be interesting – Kids are easily bored. Giving them the same menu every week, will make them tired and end up playing with it. You can try look for yummy substitute for veggies (I made veggie patties once and it tasted like meat), pair them with some of kids’ favorites. Be keen on what they like and use it to create twists and make it anew!
  • Stuff your kitchen! – Also make sure you always have some beef and lamb stockfor extra flavor. Items that are useful (you can grab for quick recipes), condiments, milk, sugar, pastas, can goods, etc. However, be watchful on the expiry dates. Try to stock a week consumption. This includes your fridge and freezer too!

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  • Make Plans Ahead – Make menu plans for the week. This is the right time to stretch it to the next few weeks. Try not to repeat recipes too many times. Planning ahead is useful in stocking your pantry. It would be convenient to cook with all the ingredients on hand anytime. Schedule a day for this. (I do it on Thursdays, stuff the kitchen on Fridays and my weekend is saved!)
  • Invest on reliable gadgets/kitchen appliances – Technology is there to make our routines easier. Invest for slow cookers, blenders and others that you think will make your cooking faster and easier. Buy reliable brands, sturdy and effective. They will be your buddies when cooking!
  • Not everything should be made from scratch – You can buy pre-made sauces, frozen pizzas, pre-cut meats, frozen veggies, pre-mix baking flours, etc., It sure would cut time used in preparing.
  • Cook ahead – The beauty of freezers. Learn how to store and freeze cooked food and favorite fruits. All you need to do is heat it in a busy Monday morning. Some call it Freezer packed meals. It is fast and easy. Try it with your left-overs too.
  • Be organized – Make notes. Put labels. Arrange things in the right place (where you can easily spot them). Make use of time. Manage it properly. Make a “to do” list for the day. Take advantage on what the day has to offer. An unplanned trip to the mall can give you an idea to pick things up for this, and for that!

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  • Make simple and quick recipes – Sometimes cooking breakfast recipes for dinner is a hit! (Kids love breakfast). Breakfast meals are usually easy. Schedule a few nights within the month. It will give you time to focus on other matters. If you are looking for more cooking tips and recipes, head on over to the Marvelous Chef for a wide variety of recipes and reviews on kitchen appliances!
  • Coordinate with other moms – If you notice your usual recipes are getting lousy, arrange exchange meals with other moms. Schedule them, it would be fun. Not to mention having friends around, you could get a taste of the secret recipes from the next block.

Are you set? The tips above are made to make your life easier. Just to give you more time to focus on yourself. A time to go to salons, spas, shopping or even just a good time sleep. Stay busy. Stay on time, and most of all stay gorgeous! It would not hurt to plan dinner outs or call the best pizza or Chinese food down the corner once in a while. Most importantly, it would be best to call a friend! Smile moms, you are up for a challenge! Also, checking out these top rated cooking thermometers to make sure your meats are all baked at the correct temperatures. Don’t mess up that holiday turkey this year and get it right! Let us know your comments below.

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