Keep Your Home Safe by Installing Security Screen Doors

security screen door setup

We are all human beings and cannot do everything at a time. We love our family, but at the same we are unable to watch them 24 hours a day to give them security. Burglars enter homes and offices through unsecured doors. This is the easiest way to break into a house for them because break in through a window of the upper floors involves risk of life.

We want to get that fresh air by keeping the door open, but we are worried if an intruder would attempt to make a forceful entry. Thankfully we are now gifted by technology – the security screen door.

Tips and Benefits of Security Screen Door

A big question must be arising in your sense about the ways by which you will be benefitted by this new device. Below is given some benefits of installing security screen doors, Frame on the screen:
Mostly security frames are made of alloy, steel or aluminium. Every metal is strong in terms of functioning as secured door. Aluminium is not as robust as steel. To give high protection to the screen, steel frames are being widely used to meet the demands of durability.

Though aluminium seems to be weaker, it is rust proof. In case steel used is 2-3-inch-wide, then the equivalent strength of aluminium would be 6 inches. However, the cost of aluminium is high. So, manufacturers found a solution of coated steel frames with powder to extend the durability of the steel frame up to 10 years.

• Blockage to different raiders:
It is not only the human beings who are burglars. Sometimes insects and bugs with painful sting also welcome themselves to your place. Dangerous bugs can harm your family member in many ways. Security screen doors therefore are prepared in such a way that they can keep out any type of bugs, mosquitoes, scorpions, etc.

• Paint or powder:
Paint is generally not heat verified nor it is heat impervious, so it doesn’t control the surface well below the surface whereas powder coating is done under heat after chemically cleaning the surface. So, the fine powders will fill up even small pores and prevent rusting.

security system programming doors

The powder covering is applied electrostatically. It is then preserved under the heat to permit the powder to drift and form a layer which generates a hard finishing which is tougher than predictable paint. Even the screen frames and screws should be powder covered so that there is no room for comprise on the strength of the steel in the future.

• Warranty or guarantee:
Security screen doors will have warranties or guarantees as there could be post-installation issues faced by the house owner.

The queries frequently asked with respect to warranty are:

What happens to possible damage to the door after a burglary attempt?
What happens if the lock code is lost by the house owner?
What will be the approximate time for the door to close and open perfectly under regular conditions?
What happens if the door does not lock and provide safety as intended?
Is there any guarantee on the labour?

• Reputation of the company:
If you have decided to install a security screen door, you must check the company’s credentials. The company who has not faced any disputes with their customers is undoubtedly a reputed one.

Go ahead and install a security screen door and be reassured about the safety of your family and your valuables even when you are out of station.


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