5 Inspiring Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

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modern lighting in kitchen

  1. Go for the modern lookImage source: Pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, a luxurious home is not just for the upper crusts of society who have untold amounts of disposable wealth. Luxury is not synonymous with ‘prohibitively expensive’, and with a little inspiration and creativity, everyone can transform their homes into a lush retreat. Where to start, though? Between the Internet and the endless litany of home decorating shows, there’s so much information out there that it can seem impossible to distill. Don’t fret: you can transform your digs from drab to extravagant over the course of a weekend with these five ideas.

While the idea of a modern design may seem cold and uninviting, it’s actually the opposite: modern design often incorporates naturally warm elements like woods and stone, and the decor is characterized by simplicity and clean lines. It might be a personal preference to have an overabundance of kitsch and bright colors, but it can come across as dated and drab, the very opposite of luxury. Opt for a neutral color palette, simple furniture, and streamlined focal points. Avoid knickknacks and busy decorations, and look for storage solutions that will de-clutter your room. 

Fireplace Room Living Room Chair Interior Table

  1. Electric fireplace centerpieceImage Source: Pixabay

Tying in to the idea of a modern look is an electric fireplace.

Choosing an electric fireplace adds an elegant and warm feeling to any room. Imagine relaxing by the fireplace after a long day with a glass of wine in hand. You’re surrounded by friends and family, recounting the day’s adventures. Sounds nice, right? It’s a scenario you can easily achieve without breaking the bank.

If your home came with a traditional fireplace, you’re quite limited in your options for customization. Changing the placement and look–or installing one altogether– is a bit of a major renovation that costs the average homeowner an upwards of $5,000. An electric fireplace beats out a traditional fireplace in all these areas: the customization options of an electric fireplace centerpiece are nearly endless and have the added advantage of almost always costing less than $1,000. Not only that, but once installed, they are extremely cost effective.
wine glass on kitchen table

  1. Crystal elements

Image source: Unplash

You may have recoiled at the idea of adding crystals anywhere to your home. The idea may scream gaudy and tacky, and too many crystals might be more reminiscent of a hot-glued rhinestone disasterpiece than anything else. However, the key is to use your crystal accents sparingly. When done correctly, crystal accents will add a luxurious element; when these pieces refract light, they create the illusion of a room being more naturally lit than it is, a key element to modern design. Consider installing glass hardware on your kitchen cabinetry, an impressive chandelier as a focal point to the dining room, or a crystal vase as a centerpiece to any table.
lighting luxurious hanging in kitchen

  1. Recessed LightingImage source: Pexels

As Rachael says in her crash course in home decoration, lighting in a room is essential. It can define the entire feel of a room before anyone even walks through the door. Poorly lit rooms often feel dark and uninviting, hiding the key design elements within. Capitalize on natural lighting where possible; when artificial lighting is necessary, opt for recessed lighting. The smooth surfaces of recessed lighting minimizes lines and maximizes on that clean, simple look necessary for a modern design.

When installing recessed lighting, consider that they can serve multiple purposes. They can act as a general method of illuminating a room, but most people don’t realize that they can be used as spotlights to highlight specific architectural or design elements. Why not put some recessed lighting over that electric fireplace, making it even more of a breathtaking centerpiece than it already is?

fresh flowers greenery table

  1. Fresh flowers and greenery
    Image source: Pexels

A general rule of thumb when it comes to interior decorating is to incorporate as many natural elements as possible. Not that you’re attempting to literally bring the outside in, but so as to avoid making a space feel artificial and sterile. There’s nothing all that extravagant about hospitals and prisons, after all. Just the same as natural design elements like wood floors or stacked stone mantles achieve a warm feeling, so too does decorating with fresh flowers and greenery.

Perhaps you have a black thumb or the cost of fresh flowers adds up quickly? Not to worry. Using faux plants can achieve largely the same effect. Just remember, opt for artificial plants in colors that occur in nature (no blue roses, please) and to keep them clean. It’s readily apparent that a plant is fake if it has a layer of dust on its fronds. Another easy way to make the fakes look natural is to incorporate real twigs, easy to care for succulents, or other simple decorative elements.

Incorporating luxurious elements into your home doesn’t have to mean breaking out the gilded flatware or diamond decanters. These were just a few simple ideas, but there are certainly more out there. What are some ways you’ve fancied up your digs?


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