Best Weekend Trips to Try from Singapore

trips to singapore for the weekend

Everyone needs a break, luckily Singapore is in close proximity to many destinations where you can spend your weekends away from the city. Singapore HDBs are quaint and cozy but there are better ways to spend your weekends.

These destinations are perfect for a quick trip out of the hustle and bustle of the city. These trips aren’t so time consuming as well, one weekend is more than enough time for you to relax and refocus yourself so you can get back at it Monday morning.

batam sign weekend trip

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Batam, Indonesia

Did you know that with one 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore you can find yourself in one of the most affordable getaway destinations you can find. Batam is known as an affordable destination because of the different shopping choices found in the city. Not to mention that you can find somewhere to eat  at every corner you see, plus it will definitely be within your budget. Some even go all the way to Batam for their affordable massages, it definitely beats getting one in the city especially if the ones in Batam are half the price.

bali indonesia weekend trip

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Bali, Indonesia

Just a 3-hour flight from Singapore, Bali is a popular tourist destination that seems to never lose its luster. It is an artistic landscape come to life thanks to its rice fields and volcanoes, this is a photographer’s paradise. Don’t forget about their stunning beaches with waves you can’t imagine. This is the perfect place to soak up some sun and let the waves carry your worries away. In the unlikely case you’re still not relaxed, one fool-proof way to is to choose one of the many spas in the vicinity.

bangkok thailand weekend tripPhoto Courtesy

Bangkok, Thailand

Yes, you can even enjoy a proper getaway all the way in Thailand and no you don’t have to break the bank for it. There are many airlines that have budget deals to Bangkok and a 2-3 day trip is more than enough to get a taste of the culture. Bangkok is the destination for you especially if you are looking for the perfect shopping destination. No matter who you are you will find something that will peak your interests at affordable prices.

Authentic Thai food is another reason for you to visit Bangkok, you will find all your favorites from Phad Thai to Sticky Mango Rice. The only drawback to this is that your standards for Thai food will definitely change.

kuala lampur weekend trip towers

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You have two choices when traveling to KL, you can take a bus that goes from Singapore straight to KL or you can take a 1-hour flight and experience their fast train system. As Malaysia’s capital it blends the glamour of modern cities and skyscrapers to the historic sites. KL also offers the most complete menu of what Malaysia has to offer when it comes to cuisine. If you’re looking for a trip for your taste buds, Kuala Lumpur should definitely be on your list.

With destinations that are so accessible from Singapore you don’t have to miss a single day of school or work to go on your adventure. You’ll probably find everything you’re looking for in these destinations. If ever you do feel you cut the trip short or one weekend isn’t enough the fact that it is so easy to travel to these destinations means you can easily come back.

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