Transform Your Bedroom into a Better Sleep Space

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Do you have a hard time getting to sleep? Do you wake up multiple times throughout the night? Before you go to the extreme of taking sleeping pills, try transforming your bedroom into an environment that promotes better sleep and you’ll increase your chances of getting your eight hours a night.

Here are five tips for creating a better sleep space:


The more clutter you have in your bedroom, the harder it will be for your brain to switch off and relax ready for sleep. Stuff is stimulating, which is why most of it has no place in the bedroom. So, get rid of anything that does not help you to rest, relax and sleep. Even clean under the bed to ensure that your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary.

Make it Dark

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Most of us find it more difficult to sleep if our bedrooms are into completely dark. Blackout blinds are ideal for making rooms as dark as possible, but at a pinch, you could just buy yourself a sleep mask and leave it on your pillow ready for use each night.

Cool Colors

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, if you want to get a goodnight’s sleep, you should choose cool colors such as gray, blue, purple and green. Cool colors may calm down your nervous system, which makes it easier to nod off. It is also a good idea to keep walls as plain as possible as bold patterns and artworks could be too stimulating, drawing your attention to them when you should be trying to relax and nod off. If you love colors and patterns, use them anywhere else in the home but your bedroom.

Your Bed

If you spend most of the night tossing and turning, unable to fall into a sound sleep, it could be that you are using the wrong kind of mattress for your body. These days, there are so many different mattresses that you should be able to sort out this problem. To see what kind of mattresses are available to you, check out or pay a visit to your local mattress store to try out the various different styles.


Good pillows are as important as a good mattress if you want to get a good night’s sleep. The wrong pillows can lead to neck problems and endless sleepless nights. If you feel like your neck doesn’t get enough support in bed, you might want to look into memory foam pillows, which mold to your shape and offer an extra level of support. Again, it is best to try out a few different pillows to see which ones suit you best.

Install a fan

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It is easier to get to sleep if you are slightly cooler at night, so if you often find that it is too warm for you to get to sleep, the best thing you can do is install a fan. There are lots of really attractive fans around now, so you won’t have to compromise on style here best bedroom ceiling fan.

Scented Candles

Scented candles not only add a nice design touch to the bedroom but if you choose lavender or chamomile scents, they can actually help you to drift off into a sound sleep too. Lavender, in particular, is known to relax the mind and body so that you can drift off into a sound sleep.

Soft Fabrics

When you’re in bed, you need to be comfortable if you want to get to sleep. This means that you should use natural fibers such as cotton and linen on the bed. You should also use as many blankets and throws as you need to be snug, cozy and ready for sleep the second you climb into bed.

Hide the TV

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Although you really shouldn’t be watching TV in the bedroom if you want to drift into an easy sleep, if you or your partner really can’t do without a set in the room, you should make efforts to disguise it whenever it isn’t in use. A good oriental screen is great for disguising the TV and adding a nice touch to the room, but you could just hang a throw or tapestry over the screen when you want to transform the bedroom into a distraction-free sleep space.

Hide Digital Clocks

If you need an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, try to purchase one which does not glow, and if that is not possible, hide the display so that it does not illuminate the room and make it more difficult to sleep. You could also consider using your mobile phone as your alarm, but don’t do this if you will be tempted to take glances at it regularly throughout the night – this will make it even more difficult for you to drift back to sleep should you wake up during the night.

Buy a Nature Sounds Box

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Not only does the bedroom have to be cool, cozy and calm, it also has to be quiet if you are to get to sleep. If you live in a busy household or an apartment close to a party district, for example, this can be tough, and you might want to think about buying a nature sounds or white noise box. These are devices which play gentle nature sounds or white noise, which can block other ambient sounds and encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you make all of these changes to your bedroom, but you find that sleep continues to elude you, there is a good chance that you have a serious sleep disorder, and if that is the case, it is likely that you will need treatment to get your back on track. Ideally, you should seek to visit a sleep clinic, who will monitor you as you try to sleep. But you could also see your family doctor, who may be able to give you some help and advice.

Good luck with your bedroom transformation. I hope it helps you to start sleeping like a baby all night every night.


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