Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas faucet and sink

Remodelling a small bathroom can be challenging, but it’s still manageable. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn any room into a functional and storage-friendly room. Tiny bathrooms require careful design, since every inch of the space must be well used, so that the room could actually look bigger instead of cramped. Use a plethora of fabulous colours, install practical fixtures, and play with décor to get the space-efficient bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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Shower instead of a Tub

Bathtubs will sacrifice most of the space in a little bathroom. Therefore, opt for a space-efficient shower. Not only will a shower offer more space, it’ll be much easier to get inside than it was to step in the tub. Children and elderly people have the hardest time stepping inside the bathtub, so offer everyone a better comfort and more space in your bathroom by investing in a shower. What’s more, instead of adding a shower curtain, install a frameless glass panel. They’re easy to maintain, and won’t close up the space like a curtain would. Additionally, if you want to be particularly creative, and get a shower that’s much easier to clean, go for a curbless shower. If you have tile or concrete floors, this would be a great solution, since the flooring will continue right into the shower not having a curb as a limit. With a concealed or infinity-edge drain, you’d have an exceptional and seamless bathroom look.

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Use Walls for Storage

Due to a limited space, you have to sacrifice storage in the bathroom. However, even if you maybe don’t have enough space on the floor, walls could offer a great alternative for storing bathroom necessities. Recessed medicine cabinets with mirrored fronts would fit perfectly above the sink. If you have the room above the toilet, feel free to install shelving there. Metal towel racks work perfectly, and since they reflect light, it’ll look even better in a small bathroom. Furthermore, the back of the door is a great place to hang robe hooks or install towel bars.

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Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Walls can perfectly compensate for the lack of floor space, so be sure to use them as much as possible. Built-in toilet tank will save you floor space as well as the legroom, so feel free to install it on your bathroom wall. However, if there’s not enough space on the wall for a tank, adding a shelf just above the tank will definitely improve your small bathroom design giving you additional space for toiletries or other necessities. Additionally, wall mounted sinks will make a tiny bathroom look spacious, and it’ll save the floor space as well.

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Pocket Doors

Bathroom door can sometimes be a huge problem for small bathrooms. Therefore, installing a pocket door would save you all the space that a regular door would waste. However, this will require you to open the wall, to create a pocket inside. Nevertheless, even a little bit of extra construction work will be worth it, since you can get up to nine square feet of free space, depending on the size of your bathroom. What’s more, you won’t have to worry where to place fixtures, since the door won’t block any part of the bathroom.

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Final Thoughts

Designing a small bathroom can be a real nightmare. However, with a bit of creativity and a few easy tricks, any room can be space-efficient and gorgeous. Therefore, if you want to make your tiny bathroom into a storage-friendly room, be sure to install a shower instead of a bathtub, use the walls both for storage and to mount the fixtures, and opt for a pocket door instead of in-swinging ones.


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