Interior Decor For Newbies: A Crash Course In Home Decoration

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Is your home crying out for a little TLC, but not sure where to start? Would you love to get your place to look like those rooms in the magazine spreads, but you haven’t got a clue on how to make this happen? Then you need a crash course in interior design. So read on for some easy tips that you can apply in your home to make it even more wonderful.

Light is important

A massive part of the success of any interior decor is the amount of light that is available in any one room. Light, whether natural or artificial is a valuable resource when decorating because it can change the mood and tone of a room instantly.

For example a room can go from being light, and refreshing, to warm and cozy, just by closing the blinds and dimming the lights. So how can you use this to its best effect in you home?

Well, remember that the more natural light a room has available, the better it will be for spending time in during the day. That means spaces like dining rooms and kitchens should be located in a room that has the best access to natural light.

Even if these rooms in your home doesn’t have great access to light from the outside, you can make changes to improve this. For example replicate natural light with halogen bulbs or spotlights.

Focal points

Something else that you need to bear in mind if you are a home decor newbie is that most successful and attractive rooms have a focal point. This is something impactful that draws people’s attention to it.
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Good focal points include bay windows, dressed well with long curtains, or blinds for a more modern look. Or, real or electric fireplaces which draw the eye. Not only because of their structure, but also because of the flickering movement in the flame when lit.

You can now buy a whole range of electric fireplaces online if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a flue for a real one. Check out pages like these electric fireplace reviews for some help deciding which is the right one for your room.

Once the focal point has been established you can then build other decorative features around it. Such as adoring the fireplace or mantelpiece with ornaments.

Flooring is crucial

Another vital part of a successful room is the flooring that you choose to install. There are so many different types of flooring out there these days. Such as tiles, hardwood, and even polished concrete. So how can you make sure that you are choosing the floor that will work best in your room?
Home Decoration grey brick meets wood flooring

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Well, the question that you need to answer is what is the room’s function. For example, you might love the idea of a hypermodern polished concrete floor. But this isn’t going to be suitable for a living room that you want to be an arm and cozy in. Yes, it is true that some people may sacrifice comfort for form, but this isn’t going to work for most people.

A carpet or hardwood floor are a better choice for the living room. This is because they are warmer and more comfortable on your feet. They also provide a warm tone in the room, which can help to add to its overall comfortable vibe.


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