Healthy Home, Happy Life: Top Tips For A Healthy House

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While many of us want to live a healthy lifestyle, some find it easier than others to motivate themselves and continue with changes they make. It isn’t all down to willpower, though – some people’s homes are more appropriately set up for a healthy lifestyle than others. There are little changes we can make to our houses to make them more conducive to a healthy lifestyle, encouraging us to eat better, exercise more, and get outside.

Make space to work out in the yard

There is no excuse not to go to the gym if you bring the gym to you. All it takes it a small area in the yard that is clear enough to use for a workout with appropriate flooring. A small area with grass or concrete, not stones, and no plants of buildings to accidentally bump into is ideal. Then all your need is a jump rope for an amazing cardio workout, or a hula hoop to get your core muscles working, and you’re sorted. Keep some kettlebells or dumbbells inside for a bit of strength training and you’ve got everything you need to get fit at home.

Kit out your kitchen

Take-out and eating in restaurants isn’t the best way to ensure a healthy diet. Even the seemingly healthy options are usually pumped full of fats and salts to make them tasty, so it’s best to avoid them for everything but a treat. Kit your home out to cook everything you’ll want, so you have no excuse but to make the healthy options. New kitchen items like a spiralizer, a salad spinner, and a few pots and pans won’t cost the earth, and you’ll easily make it back in what you save by cutting out all those take-outs.

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Make your bedroom great for sleep

Sleep deprivation can have an awful impact on our bodies. It can encourage our bodies to store fat, and can have a really detrimental effect on our mental health. The best way to ensure a good night’s sleep, other than banishing electronics before bed, is by making our bedrooms the cosiest, comfiest dens known to mankind. Blackout blinds, dimmer switches, and the right mattress for your body are the most important bits. It’s also important to consider the colours of our room – stick to neutral and warm colours to make us feel relaxed. Reds and oranges are energizing colours, and best to be avoided.

Grow your own veggies

We are far more likely to make healthy food decisions when our healthy food is literally grown in our own backyards. And the fresh air and exposure to sunshine (yay vitamin D) is guaranteed to make us feel good in ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a complete garden makeover turning the whole yard into a smallholding, but  some beans, pumpkins, and some leafy greens mean you’ll have a ready supply of healthy choices, whenever you’re stuck for what to cook.

Making healthy decisions starts at home, from taking the stairs more often, to making better use of your outdoor space for healthy activities. But it doesn’t have to take a lot of money and a full home gym to make your home the best place for a wholesome lifestyle.


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