5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe During Sleep

keep baby asleep at night

Tens of thousands of babies across the world die every year in their sleep as a result of SIDS or suffocation. Newborns will spend most of their time sleeping, and so it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your son is safe during sleep. And this is more so when he is between two and four months because this is what most of these deaths occur. It is easy to keep your child safe during sleep or nap time and here are some easy ways to do it.

#1 Ensure That He Always Sleep on His back

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Research findings from reputable organizations such as the America Academy of Pediatrics’ conclude that risk of SIDS reduces by more than fifty percent when babies sleep on their back. And so it is your responsibility as a mother to make sure that you infant always sleeps on his back and this is regardless of whether it is during the day or night.

#2 Sleeping Surface Should Be Firm

The mattress on your baby’s crib, bassinet or portable crib should be firm which means that it should not indent when you lay him in bed. Some specific mattress types are intended for use on cribs, and they are what you should go for when shopping for baby products. Also, make sure that it is tight fitting and that the sheets that you use are designed for that particular crib so that they fit perfectly.

#3 Keep the Baby in the Same Room

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Although there are numerous devices that you can use to monitor your infant as he sleeps the best idea is to have him in your room. These devices can give you live audio and video but sometimes they can fail. The few seconds or minutes that it will take you to rush from your room to where the infant sleeps can make a significant difference. It is important to have the crib as close to your bed as possible so that you can see and hear your child. But, you should avoid sharing your bed with your infant because research shows that this puts him at more risk.

In addition, there are many ways to keep your baby asleep in the crib including those in the infographic from this link. You can use a night light or a pacifier or even read your baby a story. These are just a few examples, and all others can be found by clicking the previous link.

#4 Swaddle the Baby

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Swaddling is safe and okay for babies, and it is one of the ways that some experts will advise parents to use to keep kids safe as they sleep. However, make sure that you use a good swaddle blanket and do it correctly. The swaddle should not be too tight, and the baby should maintain natural movement of his feet and legs. Also, stop it once you notice that your infant is trying to roll over.

#5 Keep the Air Clean and Moisturized

It is crucial to ensure that your baby’s sleeping room is clean at all times if you want him to be safe as he sleeps. Keep the air clean and moisturized with a cool or warm mist humidifier if you have one. Also, you should make sure that you or anybody else does not smoke in the room because the secondhand smoke is very dangerous. Even smoking outside is not a good idea because some of the smoke can find a way to the sleeping chamber and hence expose the infant to unnecessary risks.

Sleep is important for your baby because it is the time that he develops fastest. But, it is also one of the times where he faces a lot of danger. However, you can reduce the risks by following the five easy tips above.


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