Hostess With A Twist: Beverage Suggestions To Impress Your Guests

Beverage Suggestions Matcha


Hosting guests in your home is one of the most rewarding parts of life. You get to enjoy the company of the people you know and love in a setting that is literally of your own choosing. There is no need to worry about the code of shoes-on/shoes-off or which ornaments are breakable, as you already know them.

With this relaxation, however, there is a cost. It is just the way of the world: we can’t have anything nice without there being a bill to pay for it. This particular bill is met by the stress of having to be the entertainer; the host; the person in charge of providing food and beverages.

The latter is a complex area, especially when you have to weigh up if people are driving, what they do and don’t like and all those other little preferences. If you don’t want to keep serving the same old thing, it can be all the more tricky to find something that works.

Thankfully, some of the work has been done for you. Below, there’s three – alcohol-free – recipes that can help make your home the place to be – and be catered to.

  1. Matcha

There’s been plenty of press in recent years about the health benefits of green tea. It’s at the point where we’re all so familiar with it; you may be wondering why even a mention of it in a post about the “unusual” things to offer is necessary. It’s not unusual anymore – green tea has come into the mainstream.

While this is true, Matcha – a more refined, stronger form of green tea – has not seen quite the rise in visibility. It’s somewhat bizarre as to why, given that if green tea is good for you, it’s more potent descendant has got even more health benefits.

Companies like Joy of Matcha are helping to bring this choice into the mainstream. If you want to appear like you have your finger firmly on the pulse of the latest health trends, then it’s definitely worth considering as a beverage choice for guests.

  1. Butter Coffee

“Well,” you’re thinking, looking at this subheading. “Butter. Coffee. I like both of those things – but putting them together? Next, I’ll be reading suggestions for deep fried pandas.”

Beverage Suggestions cute animal in tree


But there is still a point here. There are some that claim – somewhat dubiously – that butter coffee is far better for you than any other way of consuming coffee. However, it’s somewhat junk science peddled by someone who stands to profit financially from selling their own “safe” version of coffee. So let’s push that to one side and focus on the taste: it’s amazing as a rare treat. Whip some up, and your guests will agree.

Beverage Suggestions tea and coffee cup


  1. Your Own Unique Tea Blends

You don’t need to be an expert in tea to create your own blends. It couldn’t be easier these days, with different flavors already on the market. All it takes is the purchase of several different boxes of premade teabags, which you then infuse together in a central kettle. This has the bonus of being completely unique to your home.

Word of warning: test them out before you serve them to guests. Even if you have a good palate, it’s always worth ensuring you know something works before serving it to your friends and family.

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