Smart House Renovations: When to Do It Yourself and When to Call the Pros

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We always expect our homes to remain perfect as the day we bought them, but, in a way, houses are like people; they age and get hurt by other influences. In the end, we cannot escape the feel that they are in desperate need of some nip-and-tuck and Botox. Luckily, unlike the mentioned two procedures, some house remodeling projects can easily be covered with DIY, which can save you a lot of money in the process. Still, don’t get carried away by feelings of pride and self-assumption telling you that you can do everything on your own. There are some projects that require hiring professionals, and tackling them on your own may cause more trouble than good. Here is how to distinct the DIY challenges and the “stay away from” projects.

DIY: Painting the Interior

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell the house and increase its value or just make the family feel more pleasant in it, painting the walls is the most affordable way to do it. Plus, it is really simple and it can be fun if you include the entire family in the process. Just remember to cover the furniture and use painter’s tape to avoid crossing the lines.

CALL THE PROS: Painting the Exterior

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This is a far more difficult endeavor. Not only because you would have to deal with all the elements, like wind and rain, but also because there are many difficult to reach areas that would require you to use a scaffold tower.

DIY: Installing a Laminate Floor

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Modern-day laminate flooring is adapted to the needs of a modern man. There is a wide range of affordable click-together flooring with detailed instructions for DIY enthusiast. Many of the manufacturers (and some home-improvement bloggers) post step-by-step guides for installation too.

CALL THE PROS: Wallpapering

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At the first glance wallpapering might seem like a piece of cake, but only at the first glance. When you consider the price of the wallpaper and the probability that something will go wrong when trying to hang it, you realize that it isn’t worth risking it.

DIY: Changing the Door Hardware

Something as small as the door hardware, can have a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of a house. Projects like installing a new deadbolt or door handle are really simple to do, and they can make your door not only nicer, but also safer.

CALL THE PROS: Roof Renovating

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The very fact that roof repairs require climbing and balancing at certain heights should keep you alert. Of course, smaller repairs like replacing one leaking tile can be done without calling a professional. When it comes to more demanding tasks, the price of professional roof renovation is justified with the result, as well as your safety.

DIY: Repairing the Furniture

Old and worn out furniture will make your house appear equally dated, regardless of the freshly painted walls. If you don’t feel like investing in new pieces, you can always breathe in new life into your old furnishing.

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Give your wooden cabinets, tables and chairs a fresh coat of paint, and your old sofa and armchair new upholstering, and you will already make a huge difference.

CALL THE PROS: Working with Electricity

This should be pretty obvious on its own, but it is important to stress it out yet again. If you don’t have any certificate for electrician, don’t do anything more than changing a light bulb. If you have seen enough action movies, you know that it is never as easy as cutting the red wire, so calling the professionals is the best decision.

Home renovations can be very expensive, and it is normal to seek ways to save money, and one of the ways is to do some of the tasks on your own. Still, while doing that you risk spending more than you have planned. A DIY project gone south can be more expensive than you would originally have to pay the professional contractors, so be wise when making these decisions.


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