Vinyl upholstery: Why it is much more valuable than leather in this time?

Vinyl upholstery: Why it is much more valuable than leather in this time?
Vinyl upholstery: Why it is much more valuable than leather in this time?

Vinyl Upholstery Sofa

Due to the fact that genuine leather is getting quite expensive and hard to afford, technological advancements have come up with new replacement that looks and feels like close to leather. Though vinyl is material that is developed to achieve leather foam appearance and is used in vinyl upholstery, it has undergone many blames and criticism pertaining to its aesthetic value and actual quality.

In today’s time, vinyl has progressively vindicated itself through technological improvements. People now can trust its integration in their furniture to see leather-simulated material. It looks so much like real thing, sometimes it becomes hard for the viewer to discriminate between artificial leather and genuine leather.

High quality faux leather furniture receives great attention and value, thanks to mature level of modern manufacturing process. There are several reasons why you should think of using vinyl upholstery if you can’t afford pure leather. Here are all the advantages you can consider especially when you are looking to reupholster the chairs, stools and sofas and renovate the whole space.

Why to opt for vinyl for chair and stools upholstery?

Ease of cleanliness

Stain and spots left on furniture because of spilled beer or coffee or any other beverage often give you hard time to clean. Vinyl is easy to clean and effectively resists stain, spots and splatter. In order to clean them, you will just have to use dish soap mixed with warm water and wipe using a damp cloth. Leave it to dry, and you are all sorted.


With vinyl upholstery, you can be assured it is not going to wear that easily or rapidly. If you have kids in your family, you will find them going restless on the furniture. More they rub the material, more would be the chance of upholstery losing its polish and newness. Vinyl gives those kids freedom to spoil it more since it comes with almost 50000 double rubs. This indicates that while testing the quality of vinyl material, the machine will come in contact with a fabric this many times before it wears out. This is not true in case of cotton or canvas that are used for home décor style.

Vinyl is leather personified

Leather represents high-fashion, upscale and elite upholstery. Vinyl on the other hand is spitting image of leather. There are some special types of vinyl that share the same common appearance and feel with leather and can mimic its high-end look. Also, vinyl offers ease to work with as it comes in rolls and varied textures.

The economical advantage

Genuine leather as everybody knows levy massive price burdens on your thrifty shoulders. Vinyl comes to your rescue like a hero at times of financial throes. Spending great dollars will give you the goodness of only a few meters of leather. On the other end, vinyl upholstery has high quality faux leather that puts you at ease as it costs far less than pure leather. The price may come down to nearly one third of divine leather.

valuable vinyl uphostery

Vinyl Upholstery Sofa

Even cuts and shapes

With leather it is possible that you will get to see uneven shape of hides and experience considerable waste of material. Vinyl saves you from the wastage and can be cut to the kind of perfection that you need. It cuts up to fabric’s precise edge.

No harm done to animals

PETA is the organization actively limiting the use of leather for luxury goods and furniture. In the processing of vinyl upholstery, there is no cow going to be sacrificed since it is simulated product. Since no animal is going to dedicate their life in the making of vinyl, you can be confident that you are doing your bit to PETA.


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