Clever Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves

home improvement pays for itself


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No matter what your personal thoughts are about climate change, the simple fact is that saving energy saves you money. It makes sense, then, to embrace the eco-friendly outlook at home. The money you save could go towards much more wonderful things than your utility companies.

The big question is, which improvements will give you the best return on your investment? I’ve looked at renovation before on my blog – which can help you increase the value of your home. But if you are planning on staying in your current home for the next five years, the following suggestions will pay for themselves – and more.

Learning thermostats

If you haven’t got a learning thermostat already, I suggest making it your first investment. They are amazing pieces of technology which automate your heating for you. You can control it all from your smartphone, too, and although the new systems can be expensive, they save a lot of fuel. Keep track of your progress, and there is no reason why you can’t save enough of your heating bill to pay for the device within 18 months.

Loft insulation

Have you insulated your loft yet? If not, why not? Again, it can be an expensive process, but the heating you save will cover the costs within around 2 years. After that, it’s savings all the way. Some states are still offering insulation grants, too – so have a root around and see what you can dig up.

System upgrades

When was the last time you upgraded your central heating system? Many households in the country are using systems built many years ago, and they just aren’t as efficient as newer models. Your best bet is to upgrade as soon as possible, and you will save a small fortune. Installing new Electric Heat Pumps can save you up to a third of your heating bill every year. Meaning you will cover the initial investment in no time at all, depending on your usage.

Shower head replacements

Could you give up your power shower? I know plenty of people that couldn’t manage without them. However, low flow showerheads are so cheap and will pay you back within a year. In fact, the difference in paying for a power shower and a low flow alternative can be as much as $250 every year. That’s a new pair of Jimmy Choos, right there. Still think your power shower is worth it?

Fridge replacement

Fridges have come a long way in the last decade. The energy efficiency they have these days is incredible in comparison to those on sale as late as the end of the last century. And you could save up to around $275 every year, just by replacing your fridge. So, spend $1,000, and you get your money back after four years.

Do you have any more ideas on home improvements that pay for themselves in a short amount of time? I would love to hear them! Why not let everyone know about them in the comments section below?


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