Budget Bathroom Redesigning Ideas

budget bathroom ideas

The bath and shower room is one of the most often ignored areas of the home. While the rest of the home may look lovely, at times, the bathroom doesn’t keep up. Some people think that their bathrooms just need to look simple; but the truth is that the bathroom should also be accorded the same beauty and charm as all the other rooms in the house. A simple solution to keeping the bathroom and shower up-to-date is by remodeling and redesigning it as necessary.

From a Blah Bathroom to Something Spa-Like and Beautiful

Bathroom remodeling and redesigning can be quite fun. Taking an old, worn-out bathroom and turning it to something good and new requires creative ideas so as to make the most of the bathroom space. At times, simple tweaks in the paint, tile color or bathtub can do the trick. But there are times that the entire bathroom needs a complete overhaul for it to look nice and spa-like.

Redesigning costs $$$$

If a bathroom needs major repairs and replacements, the entire process of redesigning becomes quite expensive. You need to be prepared to shell out anywhere between $10,000-$30,000 or even more, depending on the materials you would like to use and the overall design and look of the new bathroom you are aiming for. This might make you rethink about redesigning your bathroom, but wait we have a solution. Budget Redesigning!

Budget Redesigning Is Possible

Strapped for cash but need a fresh, new look for the bathroom? Worry not. Designing and remodeling a bathroom need not be costly. Here are some fresh ideas that you can use to spice up your bathroom and give it a new look and feel. The best part these remodeling ideas are doable within a manageable budget!

  • Mind the Caulk and Tile Grout.

An easy way to freshen up the bathroom is to tidy up the tile grout and place fresh caulk around the sink or tub. Caulk and grout tend to be overlooked, but when the sink and tub areas are cleaned and tidied up with a fresh coating of caulk, the bathroom looks better than it did before. Caulk and grout are both cheap, so this step will cost you just a few dollars.

  • Grab new fixtures as needed.

bathroom redesigning

You can update your bath and shower fixtures to suit your new design tastes. A simple installation of 1 or more bath essentials such as a stylishly-designed cosmetic mirror, or modern wash basin faucets, or mood light fixtures, or maybe some shower arms, will definitely level-up the beauty and overall look of the entire bathroom. If you look at the right place you can find reasonably priced beautiful all-new fixtures, no need to shell out lots of bucks!

  • Choose paints over tiles as much as possible.

budget bathroom design

Paint is way more inexpensive than tiles. Hence, using paint to freshen up the bathroom is a great idea. But if you still want to use some tiles, you can limit the tiles to a certain area of the bathroom to create a impact and save on tile layouts as well. Focus on getting the floor tiled, instead of the floor AND the walls. Should you want some tiles on the wall, you can probably tile a horizontal wall strip and leave the rest to paint. Lesser tiles mean bigger savings, and the walls can be kept interesting with a touch of pretty paint color or even with a stenciled wall design for an added impact. You need to be sure that you use high-quality satin-finish paint, as this is resistant to molds, moisture and mildew.

  • Do not completely replace all bath fixtures if they’re still usable and in good design taste.

bathroom redesign on a budget

Relining bathroom fixtures can be a great idea if you want to keep some of the old bathroom fixtures instead of replacing them altogether. For instance, and old bath tub or a shower head that’s still functional and is in-sync with the design you have in mind can either be relined by you or by a professional. If you own old fiberglass, porcelain, or cast iron fixture bath tubs or showers, you can have them refinished instead of getting new ones, especially if these fixtures are vintage and close to your heart.

  • Add a touch of recycled material.

You may try adding recycled materials as additional fixtures and furnishings in the new bathroom. For instance, you may freshen up old tin cans with a touch of paint and use them to hold toothbrushes, combs, hair clips and similar bathroom necessities. You may even choose to put fresh flowers in it to make the bathroom lively and natural. Other DIY recycling ideas for the bathroom include installing small storage shelves made from old cabinet wood, creating DIY soap dispensers from old storage containers, or installing a lovely vintage light fixture taken from one of the houses old rooms.

There are plenty of ways to keep the bathroom looking good and updated without you having to shell out a lot of money. With a creative mind and working hands, any homeowner can do bathroom tweaks to turn their baths and showers to a relaxing and comforting haven for cleansing and rejuvenation.


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