Splashes Of Style That Need A Lot Of Care But Are 100% Worth It

Splashes Of Style That Need A Lot Of Care But Are 100% Worth It
Splashes Of Style That Need A Lot Of Care But Are 100% Worth It

It wouldn’t be true to say that everybody hates housework. Certainly, it’s not many people’s idea of a very good time, but it is something that needs to be done and, if you take the right attitude, it’s no big deal. And the attitude is the key point here. If you go into anything dreading it, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. What you need to do is accept it needs to be done, put the work in and enjoy the result.

So many people when it comes to remodeling their home look at a piece they really like, and decide not to buy it. At the crucial point they ask themselves “Do I like it enough?” and decide that it’s too expensive or needs too much taking care of. And it’s that second part that is a shame. Because, sure, sometimes pieces are fiddly to take care of. But if you do it right you don’t need to do it often. And it shouldn’t stop you buying something awesome.

A Water Feature

Water features around your property can really make a difference both to how it looks and how you feel there. It’s always easy to relax to the sound of flowing water, and if you light the feature right it can look spectacular.
water fountain

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However, wherever there is flowing water there is the chance for problems. If a part gets clogged, the flow can stop. Stagnant, standing water gives bacteria the opportunity to thrive. So you need to make sure you’re keeping it clean and in good running order. If you do, a water feature will be a great thing to have around.

A Chandelier

Lighting is important in a home. We are spoilt for choice with so many options these days for getting the right kind of lighting in a way that will show the house off in its best … well, light. You can have standing floor lamps, dimmable wall lighting, but if you want that touch of class, a chandelier is the way to go.


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Stockists like Quoizel Ceiling Lights provide a range of chandeliers that would flatter any home. Just remember they require a little more upkeep than normal ceiling lights. But if you put the effort in, they’ll more than reward it.

An Ornate Mirror

ornate mirror

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Expanses of bare wall can make a home feel quite impersonal and soulless if you’re not careful. To make the home feel more vibrant, a good way forward is to pick an ornate wall mirror which will give the room more of a feeling of space. Of course, without regular cleaning, a mirror is liable to become smudged and look dirty. So the moment it starts to look smudged, a wipe with white vinegar and a dry rag is essential.

You may well not be a fan of housework, but the truth is that there needs to be a trade-off. And if you put the effort in to keep those statement pieces looking great, they’ll really come up looking like you want them to. Taking a little time to work on something will be paid off many times over.


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