Avail Luxurious Beachside Accommodations in Melbourne to make your Vacations Special

Avail Luxurious Beachside Accommodations in Melbourne to make your Vacations Special
Avail Luxurious Beachside Accommodations in Melbourne to make your Vacations Special

When you are out on a travel itinerary and looking for a luxury stay, you will naturally want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible in order to experience high level of comfort along with luxurious pampering. You will want to have a place that provides full service with the pleasure and price in proportionate ratios. High-quality hotels with some of the most exquisite views of the Melbourne beaches list on the topmost rank of those who want to have a special beach vacation.


Fully serviced beachside Accommodation for all your holiday needs:

As more and more people are going for beachside holidays, there is a constant demand for villas, hotels, bungalows and rented apartments that give you a gorgeous view of the Melbourne beaches.

  • These are among the top quality accommodation that offer full house cleaning service as a complement.
  • As these accommodations are fully furnished, they have both the kitchen and also some exotic open air cooking options especially in those villas and bungalows with sprawling landscaped gardens which overlook the sandy seashore.
  • The location of the accommodation usually make it ideal for a range of recreation activities like fishing, hiking, walking or skiing depending upon the terrain. For the steep and rugged beachside landscape there can be guides to help you out.

Perfect tour destinations with the grandest beachside living:

There are some of the finest villas and rental holiday apartments that you can avail for your Melbourne beach vacation. You will get the following facilities here:

  • For those who love to have a beachside view right from their room, can book the special suites and condos right when the accommodation authorities offer grand discounts or when there is an occasional price slash.
  • You can get luxurious seafoods and sea fishes all on your platter if you are out for a beachside vacation, and you rent some of the finest resorts or villas near Melbourne beaches. Apart from that, you have the perfect kitchen and the bedding system, internet connectivity and beachside local sightseeing packages that are arranged by the villa or condo authority,
  • The availability of the relaxed coffee shop, the well-stocked bar with the best of services provides the possibility of relaxing mix of the perfect beach vacation with the luxurious pampering.


Some of the most prominent beachside accommodation in Melbourne:

Depending on the location of one of the top quality accommodation in the city or in an exotic locale on the by the sea, there are attached facilities for the convenience of the guest.

  • When located within the city, there are usually contract taxi services that will take care of all your travel needs to the other important city points.
  • Renowned Melbourne beachside holiday accommodations like the Novotel Melbourne St. Kilda is just few minutes walking distance from the beach, offering you spectacular views of the Melbourne bay.
  • The Rydges in St. Kilda is also a luxurious beachside accommodation, and you can avail sightseeing, relaxing around the beach, sunbath and spa facility if you book your accommodation here.
  • The Adina Apartment Hotel in Melbourne also offers you greatest beachside living facilities with paddle boats, lawn bowls and bicycle riding during your Melbourne holidays.


When you look for luxury beachside accommodation in Melbourne, you naturally cannot ignore the facilities for the family with you. Some of the very best have the kids’ club and a range of activities for them, beginning with some arts and cooking classes to the marine and Zoological sessions. The super luxurious beachside rooms offer all that you want during your holiday with the large and comfortable beds to the concierge type interconnected rooms for the kids. In short, you can enjoy every part of your Melbourne beach holiday sessions.


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