Is It Possible To Indulge In Little Treats & Still Be Healthy?

Is It Possible To Indulge In Little Treats & Still Be Healthy?
Is It Possible To Indulge In Little Treats & Still Be Healthy?

If you follow my blog, then you’ll know that I like to be healthy. I believe that leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just important in regards to your weight, but also in terms of your long-term health. Studies have shown that all the most common diseases, from arthritis to cancer, can be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. So, I choose to lead a life that’s as healthy as possible, which I do by combining healthy eating and exercise.


Anyone who likes to be healthy will know that just because you’re healthy, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the odd treat now and then. That being said, it’s best to find little tricks to make your favorite foods that little bit healthier. Believe it or not, this is possible, and they can still taste just as delicious, they’re just lower in fat and calories, that’s all.


For a little inspiration for making your favorite treats that little bit healthier, keep reading. Below are lots of fantastic tips, tricks, and ideas.


Get inspired


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You might be a sucker for an ice cream sundae, but that doesn’t mean you have to give into your cravings. If you’re struggling to stay strong, take the time to go online and get inspired. Find some healthy eating bloggers to follow and use them to motivate yourself to steer clear of sugar and fat packed treats. To motivate yourself not to overeat unhealthy treats, read up on what’s so bad about them. The things you read about eating too much processed sugar will be enough to put your off for life. Did you know that processed sugar is one of the leading causes of premature aging, for instance?


Find alternatives online


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Shop bought treats might be packed full of goodness knows what, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your fave treats. It’s just a case of being willing to look for alternative recipes and get creative in the kitchen. Instead of buying a pizza from your local supermarket, make one yourself. By doing this, you can make it much better for you, especially if you opt to make a wholemeal or cauliflower base. Or say, for example, you’re pasta mad but aren’t a fan of too many carbs, courgette can be a good alternative. As for sweet treats, frozen yogurt can be a great alternative to ice cream. It’s low fat, tastes great, and is easy to make. If you’re a brownie lover, there’s a lot of healthy recipes you can try. A great tasting and easy to make one can be found here – it’s a great option because of how simple and affordable it is.


Experiment with different ingredients


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For any recipes that are healthy apart from one part of them, start experimenting. Say, for example, you have a great recipe for pasta bake, but it’s high in fat because it includes sausage meat and lots of cheese, get creative. Could you use lean mince instead of the sausage meat and swap the cheddar for mozzarella – this is one of the lowest fat cheeses. Or, let’s say you love flapjacks but hate how much sugar and fat is in them. To make them healthier, you could try swapping the butter for mashed banana and the sugar for honey. It’s little changes like this that make all the difference to how healthy you are, even when having a cheat day.


Being healthy doesn’t have to mean you can’t eat your favorite foods, it’s just a case of getting creative about how you make them.



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