Creating Curb Appeal: Professional Outside Jobs for a Tip Top Home

Creating Curb Appeal: Professional Outside Jobs for a Tip Top Home
Creating Curb Appeal: Professional Outside Jobs for a Tip Top Home

We’re taught not to judge a book by its cover. But that’s just not true when it comes to your house. First impressions count. Think tree-lined driveways, vivid flowers, landscaped gardens and fresh whitewashed paint. Perhaps you’ll have a modern front door, chic oversized numbers and a warm glow emanating from inside. These are all attributes that make your visitor’s want to step foot inside. You can often tell a lot about someone’s character from how well kept the outside of their house is. Build great character today and create some curb appeal.

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Installing A New Roof

It may be that you want a new design for your roof. Or perhaps slats or tiles are missing. Update or repair your roof now before the weather brings it down. It’s often one of those jobs we put off. But attacking it before it rots or breaks is the only cost-effective way around this one. You’ll certainly need to get the professionals in for the roof. There are many different roof shingles to choose from when thinking about what you want to use. Asphalt shingles are the most popular in the United States. Roof shingles can provide a highly decorative finish to your house. They also supply weather protection. Choose a lighter colour shingle if you live in a hot area.   

Painting The House

You can create beautiful colour schemes when it comes to painting the outside of your house. It’s a contemporary way to update your look and will give the whole space a fresh and new feel. At this point you may want to consider installing new windows too. When choosing the colour of paint, think about the period and architecture of your property. Also make sure it complements the other houses on your street. You can use contrasting colours for the front door and porch woodwork. The trend for front doors right now is matte and muted in warm greys and rich berry shades.


Landscaping The Garden

If you have a front garden this is your chance to introduce stronger vivid colours. Call in a landscaper to design the space to your requirements. You may want a contemporary feel, or perhaps you prefer a cottage style. Include immaculate pathways, pretty fencing and concrete planters for a luxe feel. Get the grass as green as it can be and introduce some colourful flowers and plants that are easy to maintain. Add drama with accents through colour and plants. Ensure your outside garden is bright and lively all year round. Make your home the most talked about in your neighbourhood!

Car Turntable In The Driveway

This one is thrown in the mix for those with space and money who would like something a little bit jazzy. How about never having to reverse out of your driveway again? If you’re looking for something with the wow factor to add to your property, you could invest in a car turntable. This statement accessory can motorised or manually operated to spin your vehicle around into the correct position for exiting your driveway. It’s a little bit frivolous, but if you fancy a cool and contemporary update, this could be the one!


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