5 of the Best Foods You Need to Eat Your Way to Better Fitness

5 of the Best Foods You Need to Eat Your Way to Better Fitness
5 of the Best Foods You Need to Eat Your Way to Better Fitness

You are what you eat is never more true than in fitness. If you want to be better, train harder and get fitter, then you need to be eating the right foods. If you have an interest in health and fitness, then you will have a general idea of what is and isn’t good for you. So here are some staple foods that you need to be eating regularly. They will help you to be stronger and to get fitter, faster.



Milk and Yogurt

Some people don’t eat dairy, but if you do, you need plenty of it in your life. Milk helps to repair muscles, so it is a must after a workout. Have it with a protein shake, if you don’t want to just have plain milk. Milk is also surprisingly hydrating. So it can help to get you feeling fresh after a long run or training session. It contains natural sugars that will get lost in your body as you exercise. So it will help you to replace them. Milk, as we all know, is full of calcium. This is essential for healthy and strong bones. You can’t be practicing jumps or plyometrics if you have weak bones. So having plenty of milk in your diet is a must.

Yogurt is important to have in your diet too. Look for the type that are live yogurts and that contain things like Bifidus ActiRegularis. These healthy bacteria in yogurts work to improve slower digestion. So you can feel more energized, and you can function at your best.



Green Vegetables

Green veggies like broccoli, spinach and kale are great to have as part of your diet. They are full of fiber so will help your digestion. They are full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals too. They are a fantastic source of iron and folic acid. These are both vital for healthy hearts as well as having steady energy levels. If you don’t eat dairy, then you need lots of green vegetables in your diet. They contain calcium too. So they will help you to be strong and build healthy bones.



Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are delicious and should be in any varied diet. First of all, you can cook them in a whole host of ways. They can be used fried, baked or steamed. I have even seen recipes of them being used to make healthy sweet treats like brownies. Surprisingly, they are full of vitamin C too. In terms of their fitness benefit, they are great to have before a big race. If you are carb-loading, these will be great to have. They can also help you eliminate getting cramps as you exercise too, as they are full of potassium.


Nuts are a fantastic option to have as a snack food. They have good fats that your body needs. So as a result, they will fill you up much more than a piece of fruit would. They are still full of nutrients and can help you with your energy levels.



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