Building A Home: The Ultimate DIY Design Project?


Given half a chance, I think that most people would love to build a home. My friends and I certainly would, but the opportunity to design and build the perfect house is often out of reach. It costs a lot of money – in land, materials, and labour. And, it can be difficult to get a mortgage to cover your costs, as banks don’t like lending to people for homes that don’t yet exist.

However, you can save, on average, 25 percent of the price of buying an existing home. So, it’s surely worth thinking about, right? And, there are various means and methods you can use to get those costs down even more. Now, as a constant dreamer and keen designer, I have spent a long time looking at ways to make building a home a reality. I’m not quite there yet. But, maybe the following advice will help you see the ultimate DIY design project is achievable!

1Steve Bennett

Plan your design

The first step is to sketch out some ideas of what you want from your new build. It’s your chance to design the perfect home for all your needs – get help from an architect if necessary. While your artistic streak might encourage you to come up with some wild designs, it’s good to think in a practical way, too.

Choose the right building company

When you are looking around for quotes, ensure that you don’t just go for the lowest price on offer. Spending a little more on a high-quality firm will save you a lot of cash by the end of the project. The smaller the quote, the more likely it is you will be dealing with shoddy workmanship – and it’s all going to need replacing or fixing in the future. It’s far better to invest in a reputable, experienced company than go for a cheaper alternative.


Steve Bennett

Build up, not out

Buying the land can be the most expensive part of the transaction when you make your home. So, build up instead of out, and go for a smaller plot of land. Take a look around for some tips on choosing the right two storey home design – or even taller. The overall costs of building up are far fewer than building on larger land plots, and you can save a small fortune. If you are short on money but want to design a home yourself, it’s worth thinking about.

Go rustic

The great thing about deciding on a rustic design is that your home will look a little rough around the edges. And, it’s a lot cheaper to design, build and maintain. You would have a lot more options open to you than would be the case if you decided on a high-end design instead. And, you can search your used markets to find rustic furniture and fittings for a knockdown price.

OK, so there you have it – my top tips for designing your self-build home. I’ve heard it’s an incredible experience, but unless you are careful, your expenses can go through the roof. These ideas should help you keep things down to a minimum!


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