DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas for Your Home

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas for Your Home
DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas for Your Home


Vertical gardens or green walls have been growing in popularity in the past decade. The trend started in some large hotel lobbies and airport lounges, where the green walls stood out like an oasis in contrast with artificial objects and glass facades all around them. Gradually, the idea became popular with gardening enthusiasts who wanted to decorate their homes in green, but could not find open spaces. The vertical and compact structure of the wall allows you to line up several plotted plants in a box and use mesh or even large bags to create beautiful patterns.

Following are some of the creative ways in which a vertical garden can be designed for your homes:

1.      Stack of discarded wooden boxes

Wooden boxes can help you design a simple vertical green wall. Simply stack the boxes in staggered steps to create a wall. You can fill them up with fertile soil. Plant flowers of alternating patterns in these wooden planter boxes to create a beautiful yet simple live wall.

2.      Use discarded soda bottles

This is a creative use of plastic bottles that are usually sent to the trash can. Pick up large empty soda bottles and set up them horizontally. Next, use a saw or a knife to cut out the horizontal section of the bottles. Line up these bottles with a clothesline or cables. Small green plants or herbs can be planted in this way to create an impressive vertical wall.

3.      Step up with an old ladder

If you have an old ladder in the house, you can use it creatively to stock small terra cotta pots on each step. You can also extend the wooden planks on the lower steps to add more stability and create more space for placing larger pots at the bottom.

4.      Rain gutters or plastic pipes

You can cut the pipes into half and hang them on the wall horizontally. Fill them up with mud and plant an array of eye-popping beautiful flowers. If you have rain gutters, they can also be used in place of the plastic pipes.

5.      Use discarded crate

A wooden crate normally has planks mounted on a sturdy frame. These can serve as a strong platform for your vertical garden. You can paint the crate in contrasting colors and set it upright or tilting against a wall for support. Attach brackets or pot-holder to the planks on the crate. You can also hang several pots to these brackets and create a spectacular display. The same can also be used as a kitchen-garden, with an assorted variety of fresh herbs, at your disposal.

Thus, with little creativity, you can create a beautiful wall on a limited budget or consider using a living wall planter to create your vertical garden. Once you have set up the garden, it is also important to take care and maintain the pots and the supporting structure.

Following are some tips to maintain your vertical garden:

  • Adequate sunlight – When you choose the plants for your garden, check the sunlight requirements. Make sure the green wall gets adequate light (direct or indirect) to keep them in good health.
  • Adequate Watering – Since the plants are placed in a compact system, you should use a watering can with a narrow nozzle. Bottle-sprinklers are also ideal to spray on leaves to keep them clean and green. Also ensure there is proper drainage of overflowing water.
  • Regular trimming – If the objective of your green wall is to present a beautiful array to the visitor, then it is important to trim and snip your plants regularly.

We hope these tips & ideas will assist you in creating & maintaining a beautiful green wall that adds instant interest and life to your living space.


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