Staying Youthful In Every Part of Your Life

Staying Youthful In Every Part of Your Life
Staying Youthful In Every Part of Your Life

Youthfulness is a trait that is important to many of us. It means we are still active, fit, healthy and happy. It also means that we have a lot of life left in us, and a lot of new adventures and fun ahead. With this in mind, here are some tips for staying youthful in every part of your life, including your diet, looks, home and clothing.

Your diet


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The term superfood is bandied about everywhere these days, but there is substance between what it claims. There are a number of foods out there credited with keeping you looking and feeling youthful. This isn’t magic! There is a logic behind it. Some of these foods, for example, keep skin supple and slow down the appearance of wrinkles, for example. Anti-aging superfoods are things like fish, olive oil and even yoghurt. Some foods are even credited with making you actually live longer. Some have suggested that eating nuts regularly can add an extra two and a half years onto your lifespan!

None of these foods actually stop you from ageing, nor do they keep you at the age you current are- we wish! But

It’s also not just to do with what they do to the outside of your body, but the inside too. If the foods you are eating are bad for you, they may put you at higher risk of disease and illness. This may be diabetes or even cancer. On a less extreme level, if you are eating things that make you feel sluggish and tired, this will show on your face.

For a more comprehensive list of anti-aging superfoods, visit here:

Your fitness


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Older bodies might not have the same stamina as younger bodies, but there is no reason why they can’t stay fit through exercise.

If you are retired, you may find that joining a gym is far more affordable than it was before. This is because many places do big discounts for their older members. Because you are off work during the day, you can attend daytime sessions and classes.

Pre-retirement but post 20’s and 30’s, getting fit merely needs a slight adjustment in what you do to exercise. There are many forms of exercise out there that are gentler but just as effective. Yoga and Pilates, for example, are both low-impact but do wonders for every inch of you. Swimming is another form of exercise that is low-impact and allows you to adjust for yourself how hard you work.

Whichever form of exercise you do, what is important is that you are doing something. Even going for a hike in the countryside every Sunday morning is great for you. It will get your heart pumping and your legs working. Plus, everyone knows how good it is to blow away those cobwebs in the fresh air.  

Your looks

For many of us, the way we look is a big part of our life, and how happy we feel. Looks that we are happy with can make us feel confident and capable of facing life’s challenges. However, once we reach a certain age, make-up is no longer as effective as it used to be. And no matter how many beauty products we slather on, they don’t seem to make much of a difference. This is why some people are turning to other methods, like professional age management companies, such as cenegenics. These organisations focus on 21st century age management using a number of different methods. They range from stress and weight management through to personalised diets and health plans. The combination covers all bases, and best of all means you’re not facing the task of staying youthful on your own.

Your home


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Naturally, our taste in interior design changes as we age. However, our home is one of the places that we can be as youthful as we wish! It could be that your home needs a modern overhaul. Or it could just need you to breathe some fresh life into it. If you feel like you’re behind the curve, nip to the store and buy a handful of interior design magazines. These are at the very forefront of trends and fashions, and you can soak up knowledge from them. Flick through and find things you like the look of. Then build ideas up that suit them. So, let’s say you really like delicate lace tablecloths and white throws. Consider other elements that would suit them, like pastel coloured cushions and low lighting. It could even just be a case of adding a modern twist.

Your clothes

“Mutton dressed as lamb” is never a phrase that you want to have thrown in your direction. Looking youthful in the way you dress isn’t about wearing young clothes. It’s about wearing clothing that suits your age and flatters your figure. Tight white dresses might look incredible on young and lithe bodies. However, if they highlight your imperfections, they could instead make you look your age or even older than you are. So, if you don’t like arms, cover them with a shrug or bolero. Wear nude tights, rather than bare legs. These tiny tricks, though small, will make a big difference to keeping you looking young.

When you are younger, dark clothing in grey and black looks demure and classy. However, as you age, it can make you look even older. One of the quickest ways to useful looks through your clothing is via a pop of colour. No, this doesn’t mean head-to-toe in bright orange and yellow. It means replacing one item of clothing that might usually be dark with something bright. So, instead of wearing a grey cardigan with your favourite black dress, wear a baby blue one, or a forest green one. Colour on your clothing with radiate up onto your face, skin and hair, also, making that look brighter and less dull. Also, think about the shapes you are wearing. Saggy, baggy clothing might look ‘cool’ on young women, but on older women it just makes you look shapeless. Get the balance right between skin-tight and saggy and you’ll be onto a winner. This applies to all of your items of clothing, from your coats to your jeans.





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